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I’m not ashamed to say that I am a member of many a Fandom, and it’s not often that I’m not fangirling over something or someone. So when The Lacquer Legion announced this months theme, it was equally awesome and challenging. It meant that I would have to narrow it down to one thing.
I spent ages trying to think what I wanted to do, Harry Potter, No, Hunger Games, No, Gaming, No, Game of Thrones, No…….this went on for some time before I settled on something comic related. So of course it had to be Batman, but I had already done Batman nails and some Comic Book nails before, cue some more debating, but no, I love Batman, it was going to be Batman, so I decided to try some Gotham City nails with a Bat Signal above the city.
Yes, they have been done before by loads of other people but sometimes it nice to try it for yourself.
I did a Batman silhouette on the thumb on a sort of smokey/cloudy dark background to sort of show him hiding in the shadows, overlooking the city.
I didn’t want the Bat Signal to be completely solid, so I added the ‘light’ by sponging on the yellow and once I had done the Bat Symbol, sponged a little more yellow round the edges. 

I used a base of Born Pretty Store Blue Holo polish and added a coat of Barry M Diamond Glitter to give a sparkly early evening sky effect. Problem was, the weather decided to completely turn just before I was ready to take pictures, I got a few pictures but no sparkles and then my camera died and I couldn’t find any batteries. So I took the above photo on my iPhone to show just a little sparkle.
This is a great theme and I love looking at other peoples nerdy nails. You can check them out on Twitter by searching #LLFandom or check the posts on The Lacquer Legion Facebook page.

Author: Chrissie

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