Loot Crate: Villains

Yep, as you’ve guessed, this months Loot Crate was all about Villains and I’m not ashamed to say that this months Loot gave me total girlwood. Above you can see the magazine cover and the whole back and front was covered with the artwork, like a mini poster. Isn’t the art awesome?
The first item is this Joki T-Shirt. Combining 2 of possibly the best Villains from across the Superhero multiverse and designed by Zack Finfrock who has done art for Loot Crate before, this t-shirt alone is well worth the price I pay for the box. Luckily, it was sent in the correct size too, as last month I was sent a Mens XL and couldn’t be bothered with sending it all back from UK to US so had to sacrifice an awesome Marty Mcprime tee to hubs.

Next up is a Rocket Raccoon Comic book with an exclusive Loot Crate cover.
With the upcoming release of Guardians of the Galaxy, Rocket Raccoon is likely to become a familiar name and this comic book will help educate those of us that don’t really know much of anything about the furry fighter.
With art by Skottie Young and exclusive cover art done by Dale Keown.

Then we have 2 posters, one Joker and one Harley Quinn. I love these posters. Both posters came together attached with a perforated making it easy to split in two and are each slightly thinner and longer than an A4 page. The artwork is beautiful, especially on the Harley poster and are a perfect addition to any comic book fans walls.

Aaaaaaah these Deadpool socks are awesome, I know socks with sandals is forbidden, but if I wear these with pretty sandals, would it make it acceptable? 
Really it’s too warm at the moment to be wearing socks at all, so maybe I will save the and keep them new and awesome for a more appropriate sock wearing season.
These Official Marvel socks really do make me wish it was Autumn or Winter. 🙁

It’s not just comic book villains though, we also have a Darth Vader Keyring, one of those sturdy rubbery ones. Dilemma on this one is where to attach it, on the keys that have hundreds of keyrings and that get chucked around and dropped all over the place, on a Star Wars messenger bag which I seem to have forgotten the location of OR turn it into a funky Darth lover necklace. Hmmmmm?

Back to Superhero stuff, we have this Necessary Evil: Super-Villains of DC Comics Documentary DVD which I might add is narrated by the super awesome Christopher Lee. Yes it is NTSC region but if I remember rightly, my laptop should switch between regions a few times, well, I hope anyway.

This is a little bit of a different item, I don’t know if there have been any DVDs in Loot Crates before but I haven’t received one until now and I think it is a great addition.
The final piece of Loot is a Bowser Propaganda fridge magnet. The colours on this magnet are really bright and stands out nicely on our white fridge. It sits nicely alongside the Attack on Titanfall Magnet from a few months ago and one day our fridge door shall be a nerdy, food filled, paradise.
The pin badge this months is also a little piece of awesome, with artwork taken from the cover. 

And just to add that little extra sploosh into Looters unboxing, there was some art on the inside of the box.
So even if we count the posters as one item, that makes it 7 items in this box (not including pin badge). That’s a whole lot of villainous villainy and as always, a really well thought out and put together box. I would even go as far as to estimate that the loot is waaaaaaay over what I paid for the box and if it’s not then I don’t even care.
If you haven’t already signed up to Loot Crate then surely this month you have been convinced, and if your not yet convinced, then maybe the prospect of next months box will. 
Yes, that’s right, Heroes, the August theme is freaking Heroes. Excuse me while I drool a bit, ok a lot.
If you fancy signing up for Loot Crate before all the Heroes box have been purchased then what are you waiting for? Get your mush on, channel The Flash and click this different coloured bit right here and get a move on.
Let me know in the comments if you sign up.

Author: Chrissie

2 thoughts on “Loot Crate: Villains

    1. You should go for it then sweet. Cancelling my Glossybox and signing up to Loot Crate was the best decision I've made all year. I've been subscribed since February and I haven't been disappointed once.

      However, along with Loot Crate and Qwertee, I have run out of wardrobe space for all my nerdy tees and they are spilling out all over the house.


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