Eclectic Eccentricity: You’re On My Wavelength Einstein Necklace

No nail stuff today. Today I really wanted to show you this Eclectic Eccentricity You’re on my Wavelength Einstein Necklace. I won this from a giveaway that Naomi from Bewitchery ran about 2 months ago, she always runs the best giveaways, and I was so shocked and excited when Naomi announced that I had won. So yeah, this is a bit of a brag post, it’s not often that I win stuff so I’m allowed to brag a little.
I received the necklace about 2 weeks ago and it’s so freaking adorkable I just about died when I opened the package.
The ‘wavelength’ is gold plated and measures about 51mm and hangs on an 18 inch gold plated chain, which is the perfect length for this necklace. The tiny Einstein measures 16mm and sits above the ‘Wavelength’ and even though he is tiny, he looks so detailed.
This necklace has definitely, instantly become a treasured piece of jewellery and everytime I take it out of the box I just fall in love with it more. If you love it too, (and how can you not?) you can buy one here for £16.50.
I encourage you to have a look at Eclectic Eccentricity and their other items, they have some gorgeous jewellery, my favourite is this Perfect Alignment Solar System Necklace, it is a little it out of my price range at £55 but it is absolutely beautiful.
Also, follow Bewitchery Blog, it is one of my favourite blogs and one of the few that I have been reading the longest. Naomi covers stuff from Food to Fashion, oh and she is awesome.

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