Swatch: Freckles Polish Caipiriniha

Yes, another swatch post, I am being quite lazy with the blog at the moment, mainly because I have a serious addiction to Diablo 3 and Diablo 3 UEE so I am switching between PC and PS4 constantly but playing the same game. It might subside soon but whilst my addiction is ongoing I still want to post something and swatches of my most recent buys seemed like the best plan.
Lately, I have been on the look out for new indie polishes to buy, I even had a little ask on Twitter but no one answered 🙁 then I saw these swatches on My Mint Nails and instantly went to Freckles Polish Etsy store to buy at least one polish.
So next up on the swatch list is Freckles Polish Caipiriniha, this is a green holographic polish from the Happy Hour Collection and even without the holo (which you know I love) the green is a gorgeous foresty type green.
Application was fab, although it took 3 coats to get it opaque, it was very, very sheer on the first coat so it could potentially be used as a holographic topcoat on certain colours.
All photos are 3 coats with NO topcoat.
The formula was perfect and dry time is pretty quick, even on the 3rd coat.
Clean up was easy, however, as with all holo polishes, I ended up with holo glitter all over my fingers and cuticles.
I wore this polish for about 4 days. Remembering that I did not put a topcoat over the polish, on the 2nd day, I started getting a bit of tip wear on a few nails on my right hand and by the 4th day, there was about half the polish missing on my right index finger. I do recommend using a topcoat if you want it to last longer than 2 days.
Removal was really easy, it did take a few extra swipes with the cotton to get rid of all the glitter, but this is the same as all glitter and holo polishes and as expected, because it is green, it was a little bit stainy so I also recommend using a good base coat.
Sadly, when I swatched this one, the sun decided it didn’t want to come out and play, which is fairly typical in good ol’ Blighty, nonetheless, even with barely any sun, in the above photo you can see that holo peeking through.
I have already picked out a few more Freckles Polishes I want to buy, most of them from the Happy Hour Collection.
I bought the mini of Caipiriniha which was £3.50 but there doesn’t seem to be any of these left, the full sized Caipiriniha is £6.50 and you can find that here.

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