KBShimmer White Here, White Now

1 coat of KBShimmer White Here, White Now 
KBShimmer recently released their Winter 2014 Collection and all the polishes are freakin’ gorgeous, I want all of them but to be on the safe side I only bought 4 (Royal Mail only allow a maximum of 4 polishes in one package), well, 4 for now that is.
I’m doing individual posts on them because they are so lush, I have to wear them for a few days at a time at least. 
So this one is White Here, White Now and gah is it beautiful. If I could have only bought one polish from the collection, it would have been this one and I knew it straight away when I saw the swatches.
White Here, White Now is a snowy white textured polish. Although I would say this isn’t a classic textured polish as the base is a crelly style and the textured effect is given by the multi sized matte white glitters.
Application is great, but you do have to be precise or not too messy around the cuticles as clean up can be a bit of a bitch because of the glitters, so it is best to save yourself some time here.
With one coat (as in photo above) the polish is beautiful and dainty and although it looks a little patchy in places, it kind of works and so you could get away with just the one coat.

With 2 coats the polish is perfectly opaque and really does look like snow. It can also be great for doing a small blanket of snow on the open end of your nail for some winter wonderland nail art.
 The trees were from Bundle Monster BM-407 and stamped using Konad Black onto bare nails, then topped with Barry M Diamond Glitter, that was then topped with one coat of OPI Don’t Touch My Tutu and finally, I added KBShimmer White Here, White Now at the end.
I honestly expected the removal of this polish to be difficult (tested on the middle 2 nails to add the nail art) but removal difficulty level was somewhere in between normal polish and textured polish. 
I am going to wear this polish so much this Winter, it is undoubtedly my favourite textured polish ever, in fact, it is very close to being my favourite polish ever, I have the winter wonderland style nail art on at the moment and I don’t ever want to take it off, everytime I think about removing it I get sad.
I’m gushing here aren’t I but look at it! I have seen loads of people saying they have had snow already and I’m proper jealous, I love snow and we probably wont get any here again this year, it would be awesome if we did.
What do you think about this polish? Even if you don’t like textured polishes, would you wear this polish during the Holiday season? 

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