Bundle Monster CYO 2014 Plate Set

Yay! This is the 2nd Create Your Own Bundle Monster Stamping Plate Collection, phew, try saying that 10 times really fast when you are drunk. So just in case you not aware, the Bundle Monster create your own sets are made up of designs submitted by fans, it’s quite a long process, the submissions started back in March and they whittled it down and created them and they released about 2 weeks ago.
Just like last year, I submitted a few designs, you might as well have a go and for each design that is used in the finished collection, you get one free plate set. This year (technically) 4 of my designs were used. 
So I’m going to show you each plate, then which were my designs, see if you can guess on the way through and then I’ll show you my favourite designs, then a mani that I have done using the plates. It’s picture heavy so be warned.

The card backing is still the same, as is the blue protective cover.




















BMCYO2013 and BMCYO2014
The plates and designs are the same size as last years CYO plates.
Pixelated Heart Design from BM-601. Fandom design and Kitty emoticon from BM-602
So these were my designs, did you manage to guess any? I said that technically 4 of my designs had been used, you see that D20 within my fandom design, well that was a separate design and Bundle Monster did a little tweaking to my fandom design. 

There are some really fab designs in this years set, I am always flabbergasted at the height of peoples talent when I see their designs. These are just some of my ultimate favourite designs from the set, there are more, that skeleton cameo design is awesome and the Game Boy one, genius!

Of course, for my first mani using the plates I had to incorporate as many of my own designs in there as possible. I used the decals method to add little bits of red to make the designs pop, I also separated the controller from the bottom of my fandom design and placed it above the middle heart.

I also HAD to use that awesome Game Boy stamp, it’s so pretty, I’m a bot sad that I lost half the screen because my nails are still pretty dumpy.
The base colour is Barry M Matt White, the red used to detail the hearts and D20 is China Glaze Roguish Red, Barry M Aquarium Arabian for the Game Boy screen and the Black is Konad Black Stamping Polish. 
To finish it off I used 2 little purpley pink gems that I had lying around.
The plate quality is fantastic as it always is with Bundle Monster plates, all designs were etched perfectly and they are a breeze to stamp with. I can’t wait to see all the beautiful mani’s that come from this plate set. 
Did any of your designs get chosen? Have you used this plate set yet?
 Keep your eyes peeled in the next few weeks to see what I do with my excess plate sets.

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