Nerd Block Classic November 2014

We have been getting the Nerd Block Classic for the Boy for a few months now and you may have noticed the lack of posts about the Nerd Blocks, this has been because even though the Boy has been ecstatic about them, as parents and grown ups, we haven’t really been that impressed, In fact, up until last month we were seriously considering cancelling it or swapping to another subscription. 
But last month something changed and the products in the box seemed to be of not only higher quality but also higher value. It was almost like before last month Nerd Block weren’t really putting too much thought into curating the products but decided it was time. There were some great items in the Block last month and I even pinched one for myself (the Arkham Asylum Patient Notes Post It block).
This months box has been even better and although at time of writing the post the Boy still hasn’t seen it, I know he will love every item, and by every item, I mean possibly minus the watch which I may pinch again, don’t judge me, I’m only human and my weakness is awesome nerdy items.

So the first item up is this Batman Classic TV Series Plush. We got Robin and even though Batman would have been awesome, The Boy Wonder is just as good.
The plush itself is very sturdy and will make a great all day every day child’s toy.

Next up is the Super Mario Bros Inspired slap watch with Boo watch face.

The ‘strap’ is like a weird rubbery material and if you are about my age, you should remember the slap bands from the 90’s, well that is what the watch is like and because it is a slap band, it will fit anyone’s wrist. The actual watch face is easy to remove from the strap to change the time, change the batteries or just move it around a bit.
So, not only is it retro, video game related and awesome but it is a Nerd Block exclusive and we love exclusives. Oh, and the hands glow in the dark. 😀 

Then we have The Invincible Iron Man comic strip mug. 
The mug is actually amazing and will get a lot of use out of it, the Boy will be having his brews in that mug from now on, there were a few flaws in print where it looks like it was wrinkled before it was stuck, hopefully that won’t cause any issues with the print when it gets washed.
The next item are the Star Wars Boba Fett Fan Wraps, these are vinyl decals that can be stuck to pretty much everything and anything. Vinyl decals are fab and are always really good quality, where to stick them though, maybe on DS’s or tablet or something along those lines.
The final item in this months Nerd Block is the t-shirt. It’s Deadpool and at no point ever can you go wrong with Deadpool stuff. We recently changed the t-shirt size from Youth Small to Youth Medium and as a slightly taller than average 8 year old, it fits the Boy perfectly for now.
So as you can see, some good quality items in this months Nerd Block, that is 2 months of good stuff now and hopefully they keep it up, yes it doesn’t really matter what I think of them because it is the Boy’s subscription but as the parent paying for it, I want it to be worth what I pay. 
Are you or have you been subscribed to Nerd Block? What did you think of the previous boxes?

Author: Chrissie

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