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When I saw the opportunity to test out a Mr Nutcase phone case I jumped at the chance. I love having loads of different phone cases, I’m kind of like one for every mood, one for every outfit, kind of person and I think having cases that you design yourself is a fab idea. You can put personalised designs on pretty much everything now so why not your phone case and they make great gifts too.

The process is a simple 6 step process:
1. Select which phone you have and which case type you want- there are 3 types of case: the ultra light slimline case £14.95, the executive flip leather style £19.95 and the full wrap around premium £19.95.
2. Choose your layout- this is where you decide how many images and in what shape/layout you would like them to be. There are 19 different layout options to choose from.
3. Upload Images- At this point you upload images then drag them to the are on the layout that you would like that image to go, you can then zoom in or out, rotate the image and move it about to get it perfect.
4. Add Text- You can then add text if you want. This can be moved around and positioned wherever you want it to be over the images. There are 7 fonts to chose from.
5. Add Clipart- Again, if you want to, you can add clipart. There are 16 clipart images to choose from and these can be place wherever you want them.
6. Background colour- The final step in customisation is the background colour, If you have any areas where you have decided not to place an image, you can select what colour you want that to be.
After these steps are completed, it’s is just a case of completing your purchase.
I chose this galaxy image, not only because a galaxy phone case is awesome but because the colours in it are vibrant and it’s a good way to test the quality of print.

This is what the case looks like all printed up. To get the image to fit the case I had to zoom in a little and I chose the top/right hand side of the image because there are more colours present. Although some of the colours, especially on the edge of the clouds didn’t print well, the rest of the colours are beautiful and bold and keep that vibrant galaxy feel that the image has.
I also added some text along the bottom to see how well that would show up against a background image and I think it looks great, I would like it if there were more fonts to chose from rather than just the basic ones they have.
The finish is a satin matte type finish. When you pick it up from any kind of surface it feels weirdly sticky and because the image is printed on the outside I panic each time thinking that maybe there will be some of the image stuck to the table, but when you run you fingers over the case it doesn’t feel sticky at all and after nearly a week of testing the case, it going in and out of pockets, bags and being put down on a multitude of surfaces and getting wet, it’s still perfect. I’m very impressed with it.

The case itself is a shiny, smooth basic hard plastic case, it has no jagged edges or imperfections whatsoever and I found it easy to clip on and take off, normally I don’t go for hard cases because I either panic that it is stuck or I break a nail trying to remove it but because it doesn’t go all the way around, I didn’t have any issues with it.

It fit my phone perfectly….

….and all the slots ….

….were in all the right places (excuse the state of my phone, it’s all scratched up from being dropped). Speaking of being dropped, I haven’t dropped my phone yet whilst the case has been on so can’t judge how well it holds up after a drop, but let’s face it, it’s pretty much inevitable that will happen at some point, 
I’m very impressed with the quality of the case, the service was fantastic as well, I ordered this through the website gone 8PM, the case was dispatched the next day and I received it the day after that.
If you, like me, think that this type of thing would make a fab gift for Christmas then take advantage of this 10% off discount code that Mr NutCase has passed on for any of my readers, just enter code Thanku10 at checkout. 
What great Christmas pressie ideas have you come across lately?
*a 100% discount code was provided by Mr Nutcase to purchase a case for review purposes. Normal customer purchasing process was followed. All opinions expressed are my own.

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