My Christmas Gift Swap with Bewitchery

You already know I love Christmas. everybody loves presents and I also love choosing presents for other people, what can I say, I’m a giver. So when my awesome blogger friend Naomi from Bewitchery suggested doing a Christmas gift swap with each other, I was more than happy to participate.
We had a budget of £20 and the items we chose could be anything and everything, of course we checked if there was anything the other couldn’t or don’t use. Straight away I had a few things in mind that I wanted to get for Naomi.

Onto what goodies she got for me and boy are they goodies!
First up are these adorkable Batman studs. These earrings have been on my eBay watchlist for an absolute age and they go perfectly with my Batman ring. These are a really solid gunmetal stud with black diamante style gems all over the front.

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without nail products and the first of the nail items that Naomi got for me are these faceted oil spill studs/gems. 

There are lots of different sizes in these and even though they look black, when the light hits them, they show up as all different colours. These will go well with any colour and could make for some cool edgy nails.
The other nail items that were in my box of goodies are these 2 nail polishes. I’m not sure what the brand is but they both have a sticker on the bottom saying Color Cosmetic. The one on the left is a purple jelly base and is packed full of flakies and the one on the right is a green jelly base packed full of micro holographic glitter.
I realised at the time of writing this post that I hadn’t actually tried either of these polishes, so I whipped up a 5 minute (Christmas themed of course) mani using the green polish.
I even managed to use some of the small oil spill gems too.

The lighting isn’t that great in the house today but you can kind of see the holo peeking through in this close up and look at those gems, so pretty!

OMG, how cute is this purse! This is a soft coin purse with cat face on the front and a soft furry back. The zip is at the top and it has plenty of room for me to put pennies in, but it could also be used as an emergency make up bag or a snack bag, or a good place to keep your keys so it doesn’t damage other things in your bag or for an emergency sewing kit, or for an emergency nail kit or, well, or other things that I can’t think of right now, but they exist and this purse could be used for them!

Ok, when I saw these I pretty much died. Harry Potter Socks. I own Harry Potter socks! 

Being the noob that I am, I honestly didn’t think it would be a good idea to take a picture showing the crests on all the socks, so you must make do with the Gryffindor sock only. There are 4 pairs in this pack which corresponds to the 4 houses in Hogwarts, Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin. 
The socks not only look really cool but they are really comfortable too, but mainly they look cool. Is it acceptable to wear these pulled up over my leggings so that the crest is visible over the top of my Hi-tops? Yeah I knew it was.

This! Just this! Need I say anything about this? This TMNT necklace is amazing. It has a nice thick, sturdy silver coloured chain and the charm is Donatello’s face.

The charm is painted metal and is pretty heavy and is about 2 inches in size. I am absolutely in love with this and it will go perfectly with when I wear my TMNT backpack.

I didn’t even know that they did TMNT Pez dispensers. I mean, they do Pez dispensers for everything these days so it was likely but I had never seen them in the wild, and now I have one.
I love the fact that not only did Naomi get me some TMNT items but they are both Donatello, clearly the best Turtle in existence, even if not a lot of people agree with me.

The last but definitely not least item is this Star Wars galaxy style tshirt. This is the best picture I have taken because it shows the Star Wars logo and the stars going down the t-shirt and I still haven’t mastered or gained enough confidence to take fashion style shots of me wearing said t-shirt. 
The logo has blue, green, yellow, orange, purple and pink all in a galactic cloud style and the stars all over the t-shirt are a very light purple colour.
The t-shirt itself is quite thick, making it a cosy and warm t-shirt perfect for wintery outfits and it is about thigh length. This is an awesome t-shirt and will fit in with my t-shirt hoard that I call a wardrobe.
I am super, super happy with the items that Naomi got for me and amazed at how well she did with the £20 budget. I am honestly in love with every single item and I have even had The Boy trying to steal the Harry Potter socks and both Turtles items. 
Head on over to Bewitchery blog to not only see what I got for Naomi and if she actually liked them or if I failed miserably but to have a look through her other posts. 
There are only 8 days left until Christmas. 8. Are you excited? I’m excited and we finally bought the last item on the list for presents, so all we have left to buy is food.

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