Zelda Inspired Christmas Nails using Born Pretty Nail Art Pen

I haven’t really had that much experience with nail art pens, I first came across them when Barry M released theirs and I have only used theirs since. Born Pretty Store have released their own now and I wanted to try one to see how well it worked and how it compared to what I already owned and used.
I went with the white one because I find the best way to test things like this is to go with either white or black and that gives you a great basis on what the quality will be like for the rest of the range. Plus I could do an accurate comparison to my Barry M white pen.
At 7ml, the Born Pretty Store pen is more than double the size of the 3ml Barry M pen so you definitely get way more for your money and they are almost identical in the way the function.
The Born Pretty Store pen has a much better flow rate than the Barry M pen and so far the Born Pretty one hasn’t glooped up unlike the Barry M which did pretty quickly, however the Born Pretty pen polish is a fair bit thinner than the Barry M pen and means you have to go over the design a few more times to get it opaque. I did also find that the Born Pretty pen polish did not crack over wet polish as the Barry M pens are known to do.
Although you aren’t able to get super thin and dainty lines with nail art pens like you could with a brush, they are quite good for doing nail art for those who, like me, aren’t great with brush work but also, because they dry really quickly, they can be a great way to add some quick nail art to dress up a mani.
That is what I have done today, a 5 min ugly Christmas jumper design inspired by Zelda using only the base polish (the green glitter one from my gift swap with Bewitchery) and the Born Pretty nail art pen.
I find the pens really easy to work with and much easier to grip than nail art pens, and price wise, much better value for money then the Barry M ones. For one Barry M pen it costs £4.99 but the Born Pretty pen costs £3.83. That’s £1.16 cheaper for more than double the amount of product. If you buy a full set of 16 colours for £44.79 it works out at £2.79 per pen.
If you are interested in buying 1 or 2 or 16 you can get them here from the Born Pretty Store, and don’t forget to use my discount code for CBAQ10 for 10% off your basket total, that would bring the set of 16 down to £40.32.
Have you done any 5 minute Christmas mani’s this festive season? Only 5 days left, I’m so excited I could squee.

Author: Chrissie

2 thoughts on “Zelda Inspired Christmas Nails using Born Pretty Nail Art Pen

    1. These ones are really good, you don't squeeze them, you press in the nib and then you get a flow of polish. I recommend trying them at least once to see if you get on with them. :)x

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