My favourite nails of 2014

Did you all have an awesome Christmas? I got distracted by all the festivities, food and presents and forgot to blog, I also did some pretty nails for Christmas but forgot to take any photos of them before they got ruined, I wore them for 5 days. What goodies did you get? I can’t believe the year is nearly over, it seems to have flown by.
When I look back on this year of blogging, I look back fondly, for many reasons of course but when I look at my actual nail art, I can see that not only have I improved but I have spent a good chunk of my time putting what I love on my nails. My nerdisms have fully interacted with my nail art and I love it and I plan on doing more of this kind of nail art in 2015. 
I have seen loads of people doing their Top 10 lists and I tried to narrow it down to 10, honest, but 15 was the lowest I could get it. 

My inspiration for these mani’s came from everywhere and anywhere including games, nail polishes, old school cartoons, movies and comics, but my best nerdy inspirations came from my monthly subscription to Loot Crate. I have let my Loot Crate mani’s slip the last few months but I am hoping to pick this back up in the new year. Here are the nails that were inspired by Loot Crate items.

These two were just normal mani’s but had to make it onto my favourites list.

Of course my Mani for Movember had to make it onto the list.
The rest of them were just awesome and nerdy.

What was your favourite nail art of the year, yours or someone elses? Are you doing anything for New Years? We don’t really do anything for New Years Eve but I will have some subtle New Year nail art on the blog tomorrow. 

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