New Years Eve Subtle Firework Nails

So Yeah, we don’t really do anything for New Years Eve, we are really boring in that sense. We don’t drink so no point getting drunk, we don’t really do parties and we prefer to spend the time how we would like our year to continue, comfortably and spending time with each other, with the possibility of gaming or watching a good movie. 
So I wanted my New Years nails to reflect just how subtle my celebrations are. I started with a base of Barry M Black, then I used Bundle Monster stamping plate BM-H14 and stamped using Freckles Polish Caipirinha, Kicking up Leaves and He’s Been He’s Been! All holo’s available from the Freckles Polish Etsy store.
As you can see above, in normal daylight, the stamping is very subtle and in certain lights it actually looks like I am just wearing black nail polish.

If you add artificial light or direct sunlight, if it is available which is unlikely in Britain most of the time, and the holo pops and gives the fireworks. I had trouble actually getting a god photo showing how pretty it really looked. 

I did however get a blurry photo showing the holo fireworks perfectly. Don’t you think this really looks like fireworks exploding in the air?
What plans do you have for tonight and have you done your nails to match?
How cute is this? I found this on The Nerdy Bird and it is by a very talented artist called Stewart McKenny. So everyone, go forth and Have a Super New Year!

Author: Chrissie

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