Batgirl Nails

I got an awesome pack of Batgirl socks for Christmas, it had 3 pairs but this pair (yes I know there is only one sock in the picture) is my favourite pair and I had a picture in my head of the design interpreted onto my nails and it was too adorkable to ignore.
So BEHOLD! My Batgirl nails, or pink Batman nails whichever you prefer. I used the Bathead design from my original Batman nails as I really like how it looks and then I worked on the utility belt design from the socks. 

Everything was free handed including the Bat Symbol which turned out way way better than I had imagined. 

I feel like the imperfections in my lines and sizing really pulls the whole mani together and gives it kind of an old school, rough draft, comic book sketch feel. 

I used Barry M Matte Rhosilli for the pink and I think this polish is just made for this nail art. Look at how it gives the look of a leatherette material, perfect for a superhero costume! The yellow is Barry M BLE2013 Yellow (the one with the tribal lid) and Barry M Black was used for the lines, Bathead and Bat Symbol and the bottom of the nails. I guess you could say it is a Barry M Batgirl.
I did these nails yesterday and I love them so much that I have am planning to wear it on both hands for as long as it holds out, which might not be long because I already had to fix a chip on one nails :'(
My nails are also getting quite long and I might go back to nubbins for a while again, I have quite decided yet but I have another nerdy mani planned or when I do.
Would you wear this? What superhero mani would you like to see?

Author: Chrissie

4 thoughts on “Batgirl Nails

  1. That's so cool! The bat looks amazing. I hope your nails are not going to chip any further. I'm not really into superheroes so I don't know what you could do next! Maybe wonderwoman? 🙂

    1. Thank you Eva. They are holding up pretty well now but I am trying to resist the urge to remove them as I have a new mani I would like to try. I have done Wonder Woman nails before and it's quite hard coming up with designs that haven't already been done for the superheroes. :)x

  2. If you don't mind my asking where did you get those socks/ who was the retailer or company that makes them?


    1. These were a gift but I believe they were bought from Primark. it was quite a while ago so I'm not sure if they still do them. :)x

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