Mario Blocks Mani

Today is Nintendo 3ds day and in hindsight I should have done a Majora’s Mask or Monster Hunter mani but I have wanted to do something along the Super Mario Blocks for a little while now and now is as good a time as any.

The plain bricks block looks like the easiest, but in all honesty it was the most pain in the ass. It’s one of those ones that you desperately want all the lines to be crisp and for it to look really neat, but it just wouldn’t co-operate. I tried numerous different ways and eventually just settled on what it is here.
The POW block looked the best irl, I did cheat on it a bit because the word POW is actually a stamp from the MoYou pro collection 10 plate, but my absolute favourite is definitely the Question Mark/Mystery Block.
Polishes used: Blue- Barry M Gelly Blue Grape
Brown- OPI San-Tan-Tonio
Yellow- Barry M BLE 2013
Black- Barry M Black
White- Models Own Hypergel White Light
What video game nails have you done? What video game nails would you like to see?
Have a good weekend my lovelies.

Author: Chrissie

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