Freckles Polish: The Coven Collection

Today I am going to show you the Freckles Polish Coven Collection (minus Robichoux’s Academy that wasn’t in stock when I bought them but is now!). This is an all Holo collection and you all know how I feel about the Freckles Polish holo’s. 
I bought these a while ago, when the collection was first released but I’ve had the photos sat on my desktop for ages, I forgot about them, I’ll admit it, I’m terrible like that. 
These polishes, which are based on American Horror Story: Coven are drool worthy and I love them all.
All photos show 2 coats with no topcoat!

Burnt at the Stake

Burnt at the stake is a beautiful burnt orange colour with a linear holo. The holo shows as golds and greens mostly but also gives a beautiful iridescent white/purple hue at some angles. 
 Descendants of Salem

Descendants of Salem is a gorgeous, dark, racing green. It has a linear holo which shows as golds and greens.
 Papa Legba

Papa Legba is one of my top favourite from this collection. It is a deep, blood red with linear holo which shows more as oranges and yellows, it is absolutely stunning!
 Reign Supreme

Reign Supreme is a charcoal grey with a linear polish that shows in oranges and greens. I love this polish in the natural British daylight, it’s a beautiful grey.
The Seven Wonders

The Seven Wonders is definitely a blurple. It looks purple but has a lush blue colour shift which is much more prominant in sunlight and artificial light. The linear holo is freakin’ gorgeous and shows with golds, greens, reds and who knows what other colours, it’s just beautiful.
Of course, like all the other Freckles Polish holo’s I have tried, the formula is perfect, dry time is super quick and the colour is really pigmented, you could get away with one coat with all of these polishes if you are in a rush.
Oh and Yes! They stamp beautifully as well, as if you even doubted they would. 
You can find the Freckles Polish Coven Collection here, they are available in mini’s (5ml) for £3.50 each or full size (10ml) for £6.50 each, except Robichoux’s Academy which is only available in full size at the moment. If you like these polishes thought, I highly recommend you check out the rest of Freckles Polish range, there are loads of gorgeous polishes, holo’s, glitters, cremes and jellies!

Author: Chrissie

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