Inspired by Loot Crate- Superfight nails

In the February Loot Crate we received a pack of Skybound Games Superfight card game and the moment I looked at the cards, I knew these would be the subject of my ‘Inspired by Loot Crate’ nails.

I love the purple and blue colours on the Scenario and Location cards and the symbols on all the cards are super cute. There are 4 different card types in our deck, from index to pinkie we have Location/Scenario/Character/Ability and because our pack was a Loot Crate exclusive, it had the Loot Crate symbol on the front, hence my thumb
I never truly realised before, how hard it is to do a perfect circle and try and get each circle on every nail roughly the same size.

Originally, I was going to write SUPERFIGHT on my thumb above the Loot Crate symbol but I tried over and over again and each time it just looked a mess, I am so terrible at writing freehand that tiny, so instead, I did the Skybound Games logo.
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What is your favourite game type and game? Would you wear it on your nails?

Author: Chrissie

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