Stargate Nails: False Gods

I started re-watching Stargate SG-1 a little while ago, it was something that I was a tad obsessed with when it was first on and I remember having arguments with my friend in school about who was hotter, Jack O’Neill or Daniel Jackson (O’Neill all the way!) and re-watching it has done nothing but re-ignite my obsession for it.
When I recently tried out my A-England Holy Grail polish, it reminded me of the regality and opulence presented by the Goa’uld system lords, who, if you have watched the movie or shows you know, present themselves as Gods and Goddesses, hence ‘False Gods’

I also recently purchased Messy Mansion MM32 stamping plate, which is Egyptian themed and has loads of Hieroglyphs and symbols on it, so I thought this whole mani was just a perfect fit.

I wanted it to be a simple and subtle nod to Stargate and so I went back to the origin story from the Stargate Movie: The gate itself was uncovered in Giza, Egypt in 1928 with ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs on the cover stones. This is represented by the stamped hieroglyphs on my thumb, middle finger and pinkie. 
Daniel Jackson translates the Hieroglyphs to reveal that the Stargate is in fact a device used to travel to distant worlds and that the non-hieroglyphic symbols found with the gate are constellations used as coordinates or ‘addresses’. Each gate ‘address’ requires (at least) seven glyphs- six marking the three dimensional area of space as a target and the seventh glyph as the point of origin. 
The symbol on my ring finger is Earth’s point of origin glyph, I freehanded this because it is unlikely that a Stargate stamping plate exists but if one does lemme have it, or if someone could make one that would be freaking awesome. Also, I think it’s about time we had some SG-1 Funko Pop! figures, I would definitely buy all of those.

The bad guy/ God in the movie is Ra, although in the movie we are not aware that Ra is a Goa’uld, this is only revealed in the TV show Stargate SG-1. He is represented by the stamped Eye of Ra on my index finger.
Stargate was massive for me because it is the movie and tv show that pretty much cemented my love for sci-fi before I even really knew what sci-fi was. I suddenly just thought if I had done Apophis’ serpant on my index finger then I could have called my post ‘Shol’va Kree!’ now I’m disappointed in me. Bad Chrissie, sorry Chrissie!
If Netflix didn’t have the entire season on there then I would probably never have the chance to watch it through all the way again, for that reason, Netflix, I love you. I have also managed to get Jim watching it and even though he refuses to fully admit it, he loves it too.
What is you favourite tv show from your childhood/teenage years and would you be tempted to watch through it again?

Author: Chrissie

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    1. Thank you! I am tempted to do another, similar version of it but instead of the Eye of Ra on the index, I might do smaller version of all the symbols of the System Lords. :)x

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