Unicorns and Swirls

Frak! Frak! I took the photos, I didn’t check the photos though because I am such a noob and they were all friggin’ terrible, absolute crap, because of course they were! This photo was the only salvageable photo and even then it’s not great, but it’ll do just to show you the vision I had for my Unicorns and swirls.
I’ve only ever done a water marble once before, it was way back in January 2013 for the ‘Polish Days Something New’ post and I have avoided them since, it just seems like too much hard work but I had something beautiful and majestic planned and only a water marble could truly achieve what I had in mind.
I wanted a pretty, pastel but vibrant design, and Barry M Gelly’s Prickly Pear and Greenberry and then I threw in Barry M Silk Pearl to balance it a little. I put GOSH Holographic Hero on my nails for the base colour to give a bit of sparkle. It took me 2 days of trying to get a pattern that was even remotely acceptable to me.
I used Twinkled T Cyclone Vinyls for the swirls and She Sells Seashells Unicorn Vinyls for the Unicorn and the polish used was OPI It’s Frosty Outside for the textured/raised look.
This was a quick photo just after clean up on the water marble, it was actually really pretty and the photo doesn’t do it justice.
I’m so gutted that the photos were all borked, it was so pretty and deserved the epic macro’s I thought I had taken. Those cyclone vinyls from Twinkled T are awesome, I’m planning on buying some more, I only had a few because I bought a multi vinyl sheet when they had a sale on sheets that had mistakes.
Have you ever had a moment like this with your photos? I’m definitely going to be checking photos before I remove the mani now and forever more.

Author: Chrissie

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