Swatch: A-England Holy Grail

Argh, why did I wait so long to try this. Mr +10 bought A-England Holy Grail for me as part of my Christmas present, at the time it was only £4 and I knew that it was the perfect opportunity for me to get my first ever A-England polish. 

I have no idea how to describe this colour/shade of gold except for gorgeous, but on the A-England website it describes this polish as; 
‘a baroque and antiqued golden hue, infused with bronze, gold, copper and gentle touches of green shimmer’
and that whole description just seems perfect.

The formula was fantastic, and applied like a dream, although it is slightly more sheer than I thought it would be and took 3 coats in total to get this opaque look. I did not use a topcoat as the polish dried to a beautiful smooth and shiny finish, plus it is self levelling which is awesome!
The polish does have a subtle shimmer to it and I suspect that in direct sunlight that shimmer is really going to sparkle and shine and look pretty.
I wasn’t sure what nail art I could do with this polish and if I would even want to cover it up but I have recently purchase a Messy Mansion stamping plate that has hieroglyphs on it and I really like that idea.
I love this polish so much and have already bought this month’s ‘Gem of the Month’ Gloriana for £6.

Author: Chrissie

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