A-England Ascalon Swatch

It was my birthday on Monday, I’m now 29 years young ha and only 361 days away from the big 3-0, shock horror, not that I am concerned with the whole getting older thing. Back to this birthday though, I received some awesome presents from the Mister and Little Man and some of them were amazing nail stuffs. First up from those pressies is this absolute beauty A-England Ascalon. The sun we have had over the last week has been perfect for holos and so all pictures have been taken in direct sunlight except the indoor one at the end.
Ascalon is currently the A-England Gem of the Month and is only £6 for the month of April so I obviously had to ‘hint’ to Jim for this polish and by hint I mean tell him I wanted it. 
Ascalon is medium grey with a gorgeous purple shift and a scattered holo that gives a rainbow of colours. I wish I had managed to get a bottle macro with a stronger holo showing through but you get the idea!
Ascalon applied beautifully, was opaque in 2 coats and dried smooth. I added one coat of Seche to really bring out the colour and give it that little bit of extra shine.
Indoors and out of the sunlight, the purple shift becomes much more pronounced, especially with the holo going into hiding.
Removal is pretty standard, it removes easily and takes a tiny bit more wellie to get all the holo glitters off. 
I am getting a proper taste for A-England polishes now and I can’t wait to see what the next Gem of the Month is. I’m really gutted that I missed out on getting a couple in their recent sale and I am really hoping I can get Saint George soon, it looks incredibubble.
I also received the Freckles Polish Birthday Collection (minus 1, I always miss out on 1) and I am trying to get those swatched now-ish to get them all posted in one post soon-ish, they are lush too, I am in holo heaven right now, which is good because I have lost my mojo a bit for nail art, I have a few plans/mani’s I want to do but I can’t seem to nail down a design or put them in motion, hopefully I can get out of that funk soon. 

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