Freckles Polish Birthday Collection Swatches

Have you ever tried a collection of nail polishes and you were just like:
That is exactly how I felt with this collection from Freckles Polish. I have quite a few Freckles Polishes now, most of them are holo’s and not a single polish has been a let down, but these polishes really hit that spot, especially that nude.
I received the Birthday Collection as a birthday present (read: I bought it for me from him) and at the time Party Dress was out of stock. I don’t know how I do it, but I always seem to miss out on one polish when I buy a collection.
This is a pretty photo heavy post and rather than right a massive description of every polish, because they are all perfect, I’ll just show you the swatches with the name and a brief colour description.

All of the polishes are a pastel base with a scattered holo, the formula was perfection, they dry super quick and with a semi matte and smooth finish.
Each swatch was with 3 thin coats and no topcoat.
Birthday Suit
My favourite from the collection, a light sandy nude.

In the Shade!
Strawberry Buttercream
A girly bubblegum pink.

In the shade!
Pass The Parcel
A lilac purple.

In the shade!
Dancing Queen
This is a hard one to describe, in my opinion, it is somewhere in between a mint green and an olive green.

In the shade!
Party Poppers
My second favourite, a gorgeous turquoise, which will definitely be spending most of it’s time on my toes.

In the shade!
Aren’t they all beautiful? 
The 10ml bottles of Strawberry Buttercream, Pass the Parcel, Dancing Queen and Party Poppers are all still available in the Freckles Polish Etsy store, as is Party Dress. 
I shared on my Instagram that I had received them for my birthday and @SquishyBean mentioned a water marble, so that’s what I did,

I was super happy with how it turned out! I’m no water marbling expert but the polishes spread really well in the water and I actually managed to do proper water marbley patterns, proper chuffed with it.

The annoying thing was that even though the end result was pretty damn near perfect for me, the camera refused to pick up all the different colours so it was quite hard to see mostly Birthday suit which is hidden next to Strawberry Buttercream.

The thumb, although a bit sploodgy, showed the colours a little bit better.
What do you think of the Birthday Collection? Have you tried any Freckles Polishes yet?

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