Nerd Block Growing Up 80’s April 2015

This months Nerd Block theme is/was Growing Up 80’s. I was born in the 80’s so a lot of the stuff from that era is relevant to me, and of course, being the awesome parent nerds that we are, most of this stuff has been passed on to Ki anyway.
I did mention back in the February Nerd Block post that we were thinking of cancelling the Classic Block because it just wasn’t giving us the oooooo feeling that Loot Crate does and although I slacked a little bit on the cancelling, I have done so now, so this was our last Classic Block, we are still subscribed to Arcade Block and we are going to give Kian a choice between the new Comic Block, Infinity Crates or My Geek Box to sign up to for his new subscription so I will do monthly posts on whatever new subscription he chooses.

Back to the April Nerd Block though, and here is what we got:

Titans Vinyl Figures Ecto 1 (4.5 inch) 
I love Ghostbusters, Kian loves Ghostbusters, we all love Ghostbusters, who doesn’t love Ghostbusters? Crazy people, that’s who!!!
Ghostbusters 1 and 2 are right up there on my list of favourite movies of all time. Plus, Bill Murray! Nuff said, amirite? Ecto 1 is also one of the most inconic vehicles in movie history and this is a pretty adorable Ecto 1.
Pac-Man Heat Change Mug

We had this mug, well, we had a Pac-Man heat change mug, I don’t know if it was this exact mug but we had to throw it away, it didn’t last very long before all the heat change sticker bit started peeling off. It was very poorly made so hopefully this one isn’t as crap as that one.
Also, we are running out of cupboard space for mugs now, we have so many novelty mugs that I am starting to lose count. I’m getting to the point now where I am actually considering throwing away our grown up, matching mug set.

Kevin Smith: Tough Sh*t- Life Advice from a fat, lazy slob who did good
I’ve always only known Kevin Smith as Silent Bob, I watched a few of the films he was in as Silent Bob, Dogma, I watched that the most, it’s one of those terrible films that I couldn’t help but like, but last year he seemed to be popping up everywhere in the nerdverse and I just wasn’t sure about him. We recently started watching Comic Book Men (Thank you Netflix) and he seems like a really genuine/funny person, so I’m not saying that I definitely will, but I might read this book. 
I won’t however, be allowing Ki to read it, noooooope, so that is coming out before he has the box.

Back to the Future Delorean 88mph- Shirt Punch T-Shirt
Back to the Future, another one of my movie loves, shame this t-shirt is in Ki’s size, I’m pretty jealous of this t-shirt.

Nerd Play Cosplay Trading Cards

These are the Nerd Block Cosplay Trading cards, exclusive to Nerd Block and you get a packet every other month. I’m not 100% sure if these are in every Nerd Block type or just the Classic block. 
There are 10 cards in each packet, the Leana Vamp and Chaka Cumberbatch cards we got this time we the same as multiples from our last 2 packs but other than that, this pack had a great variety of cards, unlike our first packs. Love the Meagan Marie Wonder Woman and Monika Lee Little Sister.
We remove these from the box before Ki gets it because of boobs. 
I just found a checklist for the cards on the Nerd Block website here if you are interested, I had no idea it existed.
So that is it for the April Nerd Block Classic, Ki ended up with a grand total of 3 items from this crate and I still haven’t decided if I’m invoking the ‘I paid for it’ rule and pinch Ecto 1 (I probably won’t, I’m not that horrible) I personally don’t think that the Nerd Play cards should be counted as an item, which they seem to have been, I think they should be thrown in as an extra in the blocks they are placed in.
I’m glad we have cancelled now as even though Ki was always happy getting new things, I just don’t believe the classic block is worth the money. Have you seen the new Comic block that has come out? It looks like a good one. 3 comics, a t-shirt and one collectable, although I feel like this will again be down to Nerd Block and their ability or lack of to curate their items. 
If you really want to subscribe to a Nerd Block product, I recommend staying away from the Classic Block and maybe go over to the Arcade Block, we have had 2 Arcade Blocks now since subscribing and although still a little hit and miss, the products are much better. 
What nerdy subscriptions do you have?

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