Boba Fett nails for Geek Pride Day/Star Wars Anniversary!

I have had these nails planned for today for months, you see today is Geek Pride Day but also Star Wars anniversary day and Towel day and Glorious 25 May, and so I wanted to do some more Star Wars nails because I always love the way they turn out. 
I wanted to stay away from the usual Star Wars mani’s that everyone does, and then I saw this wallet on, this wallet was perfect and I knew I wanted my nails to be inspired by this, stitching and all.
I did get a little frustrated with the whole thing because I kept messing it up and having to start over again and it just wouldn’t go right. I was using vinyls and striping tape to try and get straight lines but they just kept going wrong so I ended up free handing all of it. 
I still love it though and I love how my Mandalorian symbol turned out, I wish I hadn’t done the red line across the nail on that finger but that is the only thing I would change. Even the little bit of black that smeared on the top corner of my thumb just adds that little bit extra to the whole thing.
How are you going to be geeking out today? A Star Wars marathon? A Terry Pratchett marathon or have you been carrying a towel around with you? Have you done any nails inspired by today?

Author: Chrissie

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