Polished by Leanne ‘Liquid Gold’ Swatch and Review

 Over the next few days I am going to show you 4 polishes from Polished by Leanne

I found Leanne through Instagram, she only recently started in the Indie polish world and has kindly sent me some polishes to try out and swatch. I’m always super excited to try out indie’s, they seem to have more artistic freedom with polishes.
First up of these pretties is Liquid Gold, a gold polish with a hint of gold glitter. Photos show 2 coats.

Without topcoat
It applies smoothly, dries quickly and finishes semi matte like a gold foil/chrome polish. This would be a great one for those who like textured and unique polishes, because of the glitter, you get almost a textured, bubbly look. 
It reminds me of the bubbles in champagne or of actual molten gold with flakes of gold or bits that are still melting.
With one coat of Seche

Even with a coat of Seche and when it feels completely smooth, the glitter still gives this polish a textured look.

I had to google this just to double check I wasn’t going crazy but I always remember honey being referred to as liquid gold when I was a child, and so I stamped this honeycomb pattern over the polish, it seemed like the perfect fit. I didn’t add a topcoat because I really liked the matte stamp against the foil like polish.
It was a little stubborn to remove, both because of the gold foil like polish and the glitters which did hang around a bit.
This polish is available in the PolishedByLeanne store on Etsy and is £5 for a 10ml bottle (+£2.50 for postage).
Edit: I forgot to mention that all PolishedByLeanne polishes are 5 free and Vegan friendly.
Check out Leanne on Facebook and Instagram for more swatches of other polishes don’t forget to check back tomorrow for another swatch.
This polish was sent to me for review and swatch purposes. All opinions expressed are my own, honest opinions.

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