Inspired by Loot Crate: D20s and Dragons

Yep! You guessed it, this month’s ‘Inspired by Loot Crate’ item was indeed the Black Tie Geek bowtie. This isn’t the first time I have chosen the Black Tie Geek stuffs, they are all awesome beyond reason after all, you can see my nails based on their Catbug bowtie here and then my nails based on the Retro Space Invaders Tie here.
I did these using the reverse stamping method, using the D20 from my design on Bundle Monster BM-602 and the dragon head from Messy Mansion MM21. The base is Ciate Red Hot Chill and I used A-England Holy Grail for the dragon details and D20.
I kind of wish that I had freehanded the design now, especially the dragon so that the looked more like the bowtie dragons but I still think this is a really cute design for gamers, I love those little D20s. Would you wear this design on your nails for a game night?
I can’t wait to see what inspiration is in the next Loot Crate, if you haven’t signed up yet but don’t want to miss out on awesome stuff like the Black Tie Geek stuff, sign up now here!
Hope your Monday hasn’t been too horrible so far.

Author: Chrissie

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