Arcade Block May 2015

I am really late on putting up this post, I’ve been having a really stressful week, so I’m trying to get some things sorted and it means that I am mostly not in the mood to post, bear with me though, I’m going to be trying to get things up on the blog as much as possible.

‘Kick, Punch’ Wood Magnet
‘Kick Punch! It’s all in the mind! If you have a memo, I’m sure you’ll find this wooden magnet is sure to hold it to your refrigerator where you can show it!’
This is a really cute magnet and we all (those of us older than 20) know that this is Parappa the Rapper, this will be a good add to the fridge.

South Park Stick of Truth Figure: Cartman
‘From the hilarious role-playing game based on the equally hilarious animated series, this figure brings the enjoyment from the digital realm into the physical one. Wherever  you go, and whatever misadventures you get up to, having this character in your party is an absolute must!’
So this is the figure that I swapped with Ki for the Zoe Washburne. Of course, he doesn’t know what South Park is, but he sees a chubby little wizard with funny eyes. 

Special Forces Military Cap
‘This practical and stylish cap will keep the sun out of your eyes and is the perfect way to hide a messy head of hair. In a manner fitting for Snake himself, only those who know the Fox Hound reference will get what makes this a solid item for your video game collection’
Not my thing, I really don’t suit hats but is a good addition to the box and Jim will use it.

Blue Shell on Board sign
‘Driving can be a challenge. In games, we get power-ups to help us along the way and stay ahead of the pack, but in real life, not so much! Let other drivers know they should behave around you with this snazzy sign.’
This is cool, we don’t have a car but it’s pretty cool. Plus I could probably get away with putting it in the front room window. Or Ki can put it in Nan and Grandads car.

Apothecary Jar
‘While out adventuring, it’s always a good idea to be prepared. This ornamental jar could hold your favourite health-restoring or man potions and has been proven in lab conditions to be an efficient means for transporting sprites’
OMG I love this jar. My kitchen isn’t very nerdy, the nerdiest thing I have on display there is a set of Ctrl,Alt,Del bowls so this will look awesome next to them. It says it is an ornamental jar so I don’t think I will risk putting anything in it but it’s awesome all the same.

Fantasy Fighter T-shirt
‘What if you could pit the monsters and creatures from the Final Fantasy Universe against one another in a fighting game? That’s the concept behind this exclusive ShirtPunch t-shirt only for Arcade Block subscribers!’
So this t-shirt arrived in the right size this month and so this t-shirt is Jim’s. This is a fab creature/character select screen with creatures from the Final Fantasy universe. The tee is bright and great quality and the sizing is perfect.
I was going to do an ‘Is it worth it?’ section but I tried to have a look around and couldn’t find a price for anything but the t-shirt, so I’m going to do a guess of what I would pay, enjoy.
T-shirt- £8– This is what I would pay from Qwertee for a cool t-shirt
Apothecary Jar- £5– I think that is apt for a decorative nerdy kitchen jar
Cap- £10– This is a cool cap and we bought a military style cap with no branding/images for £8 last year.
Magnet- £2.50– it’s a magnet, that is how much I would pay.
Blue shell on Board sign- £10– baby on board signs are pretty cheap but this is much more awesome.
South Park vinyl- £5– These are $8 direct from Kidrobot so this is less a guess and more the actual amount.
So what did you think of the May Arcade Block? If you want to subscribe you can go here. Are you subscribed to any other similar Crates/Blocks?

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