Red Harry Potter Nails using HeHe Stamping Plates

I was going to post this mani tomorrow but it’s a hospital day tomorrow and so I have decided to post today instead.

It is really difficult to take photos of stamping plates, there is either too much light or not enough light, reflections of everything in it, including body parts that are nowhere near it, streaks and marks not visible to the naked eye, so this will have to do.

I bought 4 Harry Potter stamping plates ages ago (025,026,027 and 035) and they have just been hidden away, then I bought 3 more from AliExpress about 4 weeks ago (059,061 and 065) and they arrived last week. It then struck me that I have never used the other ones and I really wanted to do a Harry Potter mani.
One of the patterns on the new plates kept calling out to me, the pattern with all the symbols and I just kept thinking red (even though I am Slytherin) and so this mani was born. 
It is really simple and it was all going perfectly until I put the Golden Snitch on the wrong was so it looks upside down 🙁
I love it though, I used the reverse stamping method on this so that I could fill in the wings, then I added a gold stud to make it look like the top of a Golden Snitch.
 To say that the plates were really cheap, they stamped really well, which I didn’t expect at all, I honestly expected it to be all patchy and stuff and need filling in but I didn’t do any filling in, how you see the lines is exactly how they were picked up.
I also used the reverse stamping method on the thumb to do the Hogwarts Crest, this turned out awesome.
I only used 2 of the plates (025 and 059) that I own for this mani and I’m hoping I can come up with a Slytherin mani soon and use a few more of the patterns from the other plates. The base red is Ciate Red Hot Chilli, I stamped using Konad Black and the colours in the Hogwarts Crest are:
 Gryffindor= Ciate Boudoir, 
Slytherin= Barry M Spring Green,
Hufflepuff= Barry M On Your Marks
Ravenclaw= Barry M Malibu
Barry M Malibu is a little bright for the Ravenclaw house colour but I wanted it to really show up along with the others and the other blues that I have would have that are closer would have been way too dark.
If you want these plates and of course you do, you can find them here on AliExpress, the price £1.64/$2.50 is for 3 plates of your choice, it has free shipping and it takes around 3-4 weeks to be delivered to the UK, not sure about postage times for other countries.
…..and now I have magic on my nails 🙂
Enjoy the rest of your Sunday Witches, Wizards and Muggles!

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