Freckles Polish (some of) The 80’s Collection

You know me when it comes to Freckles Polish holos, I turn to a gibbering mess, I have to have them, I always miss out on at least one polish of each collection, but this time, I only had budget for 4 polishes from the 80’s collection and I decided to get the 4 holos, by the time I remembered to go and buy them, Stilettos was sold out, so I ended up just getting Scrunchies, Shellsuit Superstar and Pogo Stick. I say just but they are all absolutely stunning as usual and I love them. 
It’s a pretty picture heavy post because I swatched these and then had some fun with them.

Scrunchies is a bright yellow that leans slightly to the greens, with a scattered holo that shows golden and orange.

It applied beautifully, dried quickly and to a semi matte finish. This is 2 coats with a coat of Seche, you can still see my nail line so I would recommend 3 thin coats to get the perfect opacity.
Shellsuit Superstar
Shellsuit Superstar is a bold purple with a scattered holo that gives a kind of pearlescent effect.

Applied like butter, dried quickly and to a semi matte finish. This is 2 coats with one coat of Seche, this polish has quite a pigment and was opaque in one coat for me.

Pogo Stick
Pogo Stick is a bright lime neon green with a scattered holo that shows in yellows and oranges.

Applied very nicely and dried quickly to a semi matte finish. This is 2 coats with one coat of Seche. Again, this polish is very pigmented and you could probably get away with one thick coat, but I do recommend 2 for this one.
I honestly couldn’t pick a favourite out of the 3, they are all gorgeous and they are all perfect for the summer months. They are quite pigmented and with all bright and neon polishes, I highly recommend that you wear some good undies to prevent stainage.

This was my attempt at doing some retro 80’s inspired nail art using the polishes, For the spirals, I swirled some of the polish onto a bit of plastic and waited for it to dry then peeled it off and stuck it straight to the nails. For the triangles, I did pretty much the same thing, except when it had dried I cut it so that the edges could be straight. 

The thumb is the absolute best part of this mani. I adore how the purple looks on the yellow and the spiral turned out perfect, isn’t it awesome when something turns out so fantastic?

Another great thing about these polishes is that they are all UV reactive! I’m pretty sure the entire collection is, that’s not they only thing though….

….they also stamp and water marble, ignoring my poor excuse of a water marble, look how bright they are even when stamped!

Oh, and they stamp really well on black too. 
These are all available here on the Freckles Polish Etsy store and if holos aren’t your thing then the collection has some beautiful neon cremes that look delicious. What do you think of these polishes and The Freckles Polish 80’s Collection?
Can you believe how long my nails have gotten? I really didn’t notice, normally I would have had a chipped corner on at least one nail by now and needed to file them down but I have had no breakages at all. I only noticed because of how long Pogo Stick and Scrunchies make them look on top of how long they are, plus it’s getting to the point where they are getting in the way of doing stuff, like typing so I think I’m going to cut them down a bit tonight, I might even go to nubbies, I’m feeling the nubbies right now (that sounds dirty, I promise it’s not haha). How long do you normally let your nails get before you cut them down?
Hope you are having an awesome weekend so far.

Author: Chrissie

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