Born Pretty Store Vinyls Review

I’m loving vinyls at the moment, there are so many different and unique designs. Born Pretty Store have just released some of their own vinyls and I really wanted to test them out. Each ‘pack’ of vinyls comes with 2 different designs and you get 6 vinyls of each design, which is a bit of a random number, not enough of each design so that you could do the same nail art on all 10 nails.
 I chose the hearts and lines pack, I had a simple idea for the hearts the moment I saw them.

They were easy to remove from the backing and they are made of a good stretchy vinyl which I found helped when trying to form it to my nails, even the super curvy ones but the adhesive could do with being a bit stronger, I was getting lift all over, even right in the middle where I normally wouldn’t have a problem, This meant that, even with sponging, polish got under the vinyl and the vinyl shifted in places, giving me uneven and unfinished hearts.
Base is Barry M Black and Red is Nails Inc Luminous Red.

The vinyl was easy to remove and didn’t leave behind any sticky residue or lift any of my base polish with it. These are about the same price as other vinyls on the market and if they fix the adhesive and come out with a few more designs it will definitely be worth it.

This was my second mani, this time I used the line vinyls. I didn’t get a much lift with this one, maybe because the line were pretty thin, it worked much better than the heart vinyl.
You can get these vinyls here for £2.99/$4.59 but they also do some other designs here for £1.95/$2.99, go check them out too, and don’t forget to use my discount code CBAQ10 for 10% off you basket amount.
What do you think of vinyls? Would you use these on a regular basis to do your nails and what designs would you like to see come out in the future?

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