Inspired by Loot Crate: Green Ranger Nails

I have been struggling to decide on what my ‘Inspired by Loot Crate’ nails were going to be but I’ve had a few spoonless days lately and yesterday was a day full of stress, so what better way to cheer myself up with some nerdy nails.
As you can see, in the end I decided to go with the Green Ranger t-shirt as inspiration. The t-shirt is awesome and Power Rangers are even more awesome. Did you see that Fan Made Power Rangers short? It’s the Power Rangers movie we need and deserve. 

I used Rimmel 60 seconds Grey Matter as the base, then I used the cling film/saran wrap method with Rimmel Grey Matter and Barry M Gelly Chai to get a t-shirt kind of look.
The Green Ranger face is done using Barry M Spring Green, although I wish I had used a different green as this one seems a bit too bright for the design. The White Ranger was done using Barry M Silk  Pearl.

I wanted the thumb to be as simple as the rest of the mani so I did just the Lightning Bolt from the MMPR logo. I used Barry M Silk Pearl for this too.
I didn’t spend a whole lot of time on these, I did a quick doodle of what I wanted to do, and set out, they only took about an hour all in all so the details aren’t perfect but you know how much I love quick and simple nerdy nails. I promise I will get the May Infinity Crate and Arcade Block posts up in the next couple of days, I promise. 
You can see all the items from the May Loot Crate including the Green Ranger t-shirt in this post here and if you are thinking of subscribing to Loot Crate then I say do it now and do it here!
Hope you have all had a good weekend!

Author: Chrissie

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