Loot Crate: Unite May 2015

The May Loot Crate theme was Unite and look at how awesome that cover is. I’m still waiting for the day that Loot Crate announce that their artwork will be included each month as a poster, I’d love both of those images as prints. 

Awesome badge as usual, but I’m going to move onto the items in this month’s crate. This was a pretty awesome crate, I fail to ever be disapointed with Loot Crate, each month the items make me squee and this month is no different. I think I may be a Loot Crate fangirl, is that a thing? Anyway, looook!! 

EXCLUSIVE Green Ranger T-shirt (Flophouse)
‘You’ll be yelling ‘It’s Morphin Time!’ when you slip in this vintage style tee. Guaranteed to attract admiring looks from fellow Rangers and the bewitching Rita Repulsa. You won’t need power coins to keep it lookin’ good, just wash it in cold!’
Any month that has a t-shirt is a good month. I’m a little bit of a t-shirt addict and I friggin’ love this one, the colours are a little bit more muted than they are in the photo and it will definitely get a lot of use.

Avengers: Age of Ultron Car Decal (Marvel)
‘This stylish car decal is perfect for all you movers and shakers (and thunderers and smashers) who want to show of your nerdy side on the go!’
Ooooooh, it says car decal but I’m going to disregard that, I’m pretty sure it will stick anywhere and I’m probably going to put it on my laptop, I’ve currently got the Tetris stickers from a previous crate in the shape of a heart so I’ll shimmy that across to one corner and have this in the middle.

EXCLUSIVE Team Fortress 2 Button Set (A Crowded Coop)
‘We’re giving you a “team” of buttons from one of our favourite team-based shooter games! Express your fandom, choose sides, or trade with fellow players (just like in the game!). But hold on to Balloonicorn, because you never know when you’ll be making an unexpected trip to Pyroland…’
These will probably be snagged by Jim. I have never played Team Fortress 2 but it has always been a game that I have wanted to try, now that I am getting into PC gaming a bit more, I might add it to the list of games to try out, then I’ll steal the pins back off Jim if I like it, haha!

EXCLUSIVE Bravest Warriors Tales from the Holo John #1 (BOOM! Studios)
‘This collection of bathroom bum-foolery is a side-splitting, irreverent ode to the commode. Must-have bathroom reading in any home, its five stories, pin-up poster and exclusive cover design are heroically epic!’
Like t-shirts, any month that contains are comic is a great month. Not massively into Bravest Warriors but Ki will love it.

Marvel Super Heroes Ice Tray (ICUP, Inc.)
‘It’s strong, it’s flexible, it’s temperature-resistant to both heat and cold. It’s the Marvel Super Heroes silicone ice tray, and it’s here just in time to save your summer cookouts. Serve up your own super cool drinks with ice cubes shaped like your favourite characters and icons. Try using it as a Jell-O and candy mold too!’
Love! We eat mostly fresh food so our freezer is always filled with ice cubes and ice cream and that’s it. We currently have Lego bricks and people moulds, Star Wars Han Solo, Stormtroopers and Millennium Falcon moulds in our nerdy ice cubes freezer section so this is just another awesome add to that. Plus, amazing for making chocolates!

EXCLUSIVE MAD Magazine Loot Crate Edition (DC Entertainment)
‘Our friends at MAD have created some exclusive content just for Looters! Inside, they lampoon Justice League, Avenger and The Hobbit’
I’ve heard of MAD magazine, it’s been referenced in some of the TV shows I watch. I’ve never read one but with that content, I’m sure it will be a good read when I get round to it.

EXCLUSIVE Marvel sneaker laces (Esquire Footwear)
‘Every superhero knows that you can’t be expected to fight crime with a wimpy pair of shoelaces. Solution: these super-strong, 48″ laces (yep, they’re adult sized!) featuring your favourite Marvel characters in living color or stealthy gray and black.’
Awesome! That is all! I have put these in my British Knights hi-tops already and they are pretty long, not all-the-way-to-the-top long but still adult-sized-long. They are awesome, although I would have preferred the colour version but I do love these ones too.

EXCLUSIVE Rick and Morty 300- piece Jigsaw Puzzle (Cardinal Industries, Inc.)
‘Rick and Morty’s co-creator Justin Roiland loves jigsaw puzzles, so we just had to make him — and YOU — this real mind-bender. Summon a few Meeseeks to help build it, and used the image above as your guide.’
Jigsaws are fun, novelty jigsaws are funner. I’ll probably do this once and then give it to Ki, I’m sure he’ll get more enjoyment out of it anyway.
Twas an awesome crate this month, I’m pretty happy with all the items, price wise though, was it worth it? Let’s have a look.
Green Ranger T-shirt- £15– this is a complete guesstimate, I looked everywhere and couldn’t find a t-shirt price for any of the Flophouse t-shirts so based on the fact that the t-shirt quality is fantastic and based on other prices of similar t-shirts elsewhere, I’m going to stick with the £15.
Avengers Car Decal- $5/£3.26– This is another guesstimate. I’m not having a good day of finding prices for things. I thought maybe I could find this exact sticker because it wasn’t an exclusive but no such luck, so I have based that price on similar styles of Marvel themed decals.
Team Fortress 2 Button Set- £3-£5– Yup, you guessed it, this was another guess. Similar badge sets of branded items, like music, comics and movies sell in this price range so it’s a good bet that’s what these would cost.
Bravest Warriors Comic- £3.99- This is how much I have been paying for new comics lately and so I would say this is an accurate price.
Marvel Ice Cube Tray- £6.50– I’m going by the US Amazon price for this because the UK Amazon says £15 which is an absolutely ridiculous price for an ice cube tray/mould. At least it’s an actual price of the exact item though.
MAD Magazine- $5.99/£3.91– Yay another actual price! 
Marvel Laces- $7/£4.57– I couldn’t find these either so here are other Marvel laces on US Amazon. Close enough!
Rick and Morty Jigsaw- £8– yeah it’s another guess based on 300 piece puzzles. 
Based on those prices, the Loot Crate comes roughly to £50 give or take and we pay about £18-£20 for the crate including postage. If you were to buy all the items at UK prices though it would all add up to a hell of a lot more.
First time it has been this difficult to find prices, but I think it is pretty accurate, it’s all just a guesstimate anyway, especially when there are a fair few exclusives and regardless of the price, you won’t be happy with it unless you like the items. I won’t lie, I ran out of spoons about halfway through this post, it’s hard to write a post when you can’t be bothered, I don’t know how the proper bloggers do it all the time.
So what do you think of this month’s crate? If you are looking to sign up, you can go here, yes, this link, and sign up now to get next month’s crate.

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