Batman ‘The Dark Knight’ Headphones

I am far from a qualified technology expert or reviewer but I wanted to share these awesome Batman Headphones with you.
I first saw these when we went on a family day out and popped into Smyths toy shop. I love me some Batman, anything Batman and I’m attracted to it like a pig to truffles and I loved the look of the pattern on the headband too. I wanted them so bad, but, I didn’t want to get them and then find that they were really crappy sound quality. So I left the store and the further away form the store we got, the more I regretted not buying them.

I have always just bought adequate and cheap headphones so sound quality had never been something I cared about, then a few years ago Jim bought me some SkullCandy lowriders, they were the best headphone I had ever owned and they are a little worse for wear these day, so I was in need of a new pair.
Eventually, one of my internet friends Kirsty (the_nerdy_goddess) convinced me that if I wanted them, then I should get them, so I did. I bought them on the Smyths Toys website. The service was fantastic, I chose the 3-4 days standard delivery and was all set to wait 4 days, but that night I received an email saying that they would be delivered by DPD the next day, and they did, they arrived right within the delivery window.
Sadly they turned up on the day Pixel passed away and so they have pretty much been neglected since then, it’s hard to get back to normality after something like that and I have inadvertently been neglecting anything that could bring me any kind of joy because I felt like it wasn’t right, like I shouldn’t be enjoying things when I should be mourning him. Even though I still miss him dearly and feel incredibly sad that he isn’t with me where he belongs, I feel grateful that he was a part of my life and he had such a big impact on it. He was pretty much invested in ensuring I wasn’t sad or in pain so for him, I am trying to get back to normality.

Cue, loads of vigorous testing of my new Batman headphones. Ok, when I say vigorous, I really mean normal usage, because let’s face it, it’s been a long ass time since I have done anything vigorously, unless you count vigorous fangirling.
First of all, there is a removable box that has the writing print all over it. The writing is slightly raised, is a shiny black against the matte black/dark grey box and it makes me almost as happy as the headphones, yes, I know it is just a box but it could be useful, and if it turns out to not be useful at all, at least it will look pretty (not) doing it.
The inside of the headband has a nice, breathable padding and is very comfortable, although keep in mind that these are probably made for kids and so the headband isn’t huge so could be a little snug for some people.
The ear pads have the same padding on them and are just the right size for my ears, they pretty much cover my entire ear but again, made for kids so may not fit every adult well. I wore these for a 3 hour podcast binge last night and I could barely tell I had been wearing them.
So sound quality is what most people would be wondering about, I must admit I was a little worried about it. These are kids headphones after all but tbh, I was quite impressed. It’s not bad, it’s not the sound quality of whatever the best expensive headphones are these days but it’s better than most cheap ones and it’s about as good as my SkullCandy’s.
The volume level is good and well balanced and there is a little bit of bass, I think, I told you I’m not good at this stuff.

What I’m trying to achieve at the end of the day is to tell you number one, that just because they are cheap, doesn’t mean they are rubbish and number two, if you want it and can get it then do so, or find yourself a Kirsty so she can tell you to buy it when you won’t haha.
If you want these Batman one, they are here on Smyth Toys for £19.99 and did I mention that they do these Joker ones too? It’s free shipping on anything over £29 and they have got a sale on at the moment.
Hope you have liked my little ramble post.

Author: Chrissie

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