Beach Nails Using Born Pretty Shell and Starfish Embellishments

These are some of the cutest embellishments I have seen from Born Pretty Store and I like that each one comes in both gold and silver colours.
This was the first mani I had in mind when I received them, I do love a good mermaid mani but I’m still playing around with colour combos. This one is Freckles Polish Shellsuit Superstar stamped with the mermaid scales from hehe stamping plate 005 and Konad white. 
I used the small silver shells for this and the white scales were a nice change because I have used black for the scales on all of my other mermaid mani’s and it was pretty but it didn’t wow me enough. 
So I started on my second mani idea. I have seen beach nail art everywhere this summer and they are all stunning so I wanted to try my own version especially since I had these pretty shells to add to it. 
It turned out AWESOME! I love this mani so much, I have been wearing it for nearly 5 days now and I don’t want to take it off and to make it even better, it has held up really well, there is no tip wear at all.
I have lots of photos of it because gah!

The polish I used for the sand is Barry M Majesty and is one of their textured range. For the water I used OPI I Can Teal You Like Me from their sheer tints range. I built it up in different places to give a multi shade/depth look to it which also created some bubbles that added to the water effect. 

I then stamped using a wave image from Bundle Monster BM-509 and added another coat of OPI I Can Teal You Like Me.
On the sand/water middle nail, I only dabbed the OPI polish on over the sandy bit to give the illusion of a wave coming up onto the sand.

When I added the embellishments, I just pushed them into the wet textured polish, I pushed down quite firmly to ensure they were going to stay and luckily, because the polish is textured, it made any dents and fingerprints pretty much invisible.

The embellishments stayed on there really well. Ok, so I haven’t actually done any hard labour, or the dishes or anything along those lines but I do move a lot in my sleep, especially my arms and hands and I have had several hot baths. 
When it came to removing them, I just used a small dotting tool, pushed it under an edge and popped it right off, With a little clean on the back, they can be used again.
If you would like some beachy fingertips then you can find these embellishment here for £2.53/$3.88. You get 80 pieces altogether which makes this a great price but you can get 10% off by using my code CBAQ10 at checkout.
I’m pretty happy that summer is going to be coming to an end but I’m weird so are you ready to let summer go yet?

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