Danglefoot Nail Polish School’s Out Trio

I finally managed to claw together some motivation today, granted not much and it’s a sleepy kind of motivation but it’s motivation all the same and I managed to swatch these gorgeous polishes from Danglefoot Nail Polish.
4 weeks ago ish, I won a giveaway on Instagram for the Danglefoot School’s Out Trio gift pack, I received it 3 weeks ago, yes, I know, I’m slack af. The prize pack consisted of Cedarwood and Lime cuticle oil, a sample of cuticle oil which smells just like Terry’s Chocolate Orange, a Soaps for Suds little star soap, 3 polishes: Space Hopper Race, Hot Long Summer and Down the Arcade and a candy watch.
Obviously the candy watch and little soap were quickly claimed by Ki so I can’t comment on those ones although he has assured me that the candy was delicious and that the soap smells really really nice.
The cuticle oils are amazing! I currently use the Danglefoot Sweet Pea and Apple cuticle oil and not only does it smell incredible but it works amazingly, it’s the best cuticle oil I have tried and now I have a spare that also smells incredible and a sample of chocolatey orangey nummyness.
Lets have a look at the polishes now!

Long Hot Summer: a gold toned yellow with a holographic shimmer.

Space Hopper Race!: a coral red creme with an amazing shine.

Down the Arcade: a light olive green with a bluey iridescent shimmer.

Each polish is opaque in 2 coats, they apply beautifully and dry quickly and the formula on each were pretty much perfect. I wish I had managed to capture the shimmer in some of my photos but alas the sun hates me and disappears everytime I go to take photos.
Although this trio was made for a summer release, I personally think that Long Hot Summer and Down the Arcade are also perfect autumnal shades.
The Danglefoot Nail Polish Etsy store is currently closed but should hopefully be open again around the end of this month where shades will be restocked but there will also be 9 brand new beautiful shades so don’t forget to check them out.

Author: Chrissie

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