Batman NOTD for Batman Day

Motivation or not, you didn’t think I would let Batman Day pass me by without having Batman nails did you? Ok, so I have pretty much done this design before with my Batgirl/Pink Batman nails but I’m being lazy and I wanted to use my TwinkledT Batman vinyls. (I can’t find them on their website anymore, might have been a limited run) their vinyls are fantastic quality and worth trying, there are loads on there to choose from.

Polishes used: NYC Lexington Yellow
               Barry M Black
My Thumb and my ring finger are both vinyls (I did have to cut that oval out of the vinyl, which is why it’s a bit raggedy but it didn’t have an oval. For the utility belt I used SheSellsSeashells Straight stencils when applying the black, then I went over the empty space with Barry M white Nail Art pen, then added NYC Lexington Yellow and black lines using Barry M Black.
I still struggled to get those lines even, gah! it drives me insane but it looks great in real life. 
Are you doing anything for Batman Day?

Author: Chrissie

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