Enlighten me in your bath time enjoyment ways!

I have been feeling pretty unmotivated this week, not just in the blog but in life and it’s hard to claw your way back from that when you body is knackered and your pretty much stuck in a sedentary lifestyle with stress everywhere and anywhere.
 So I have been thinking about all the things that I used to give me a little pick up, before I got MS and most of them are things I can’t do or can’t enjoy anymore. The main one is baths.
There was nothing I loved more at the end of the day, than coming home and climbing into a nice, hot and bubbly bath. If it had been a crap day with lots of stress, it was almost like washing it all away and the heat and scents would relax my muscles and my mind. There was a time when the bath would be ready for me when I got home after a long shift, with some candles around the room and a nice glass of wine.
Of course, I can’t drink anymore and bath time is one of the most difficult, painful and tiring parts of my day. Just preparing to bathe takes all of my spoons, I have to lay out my clothes ready, I have to set up a space where I can flop down and lie on the bed, then there is of course running the bath and getting undressed and by the time I get (helped) into the bath, I am already exhausted. 
I can’t have the scalding hot temperatures I used to have, in fact my bath water is often barely warm because of the Uthoff’s phenomenon and even with the barely warm, that temperature rise is enough to set it off. Within 2 minutes of being in the bath, I start to lose feeling in my legs and my eyesight goes blurry, at 5 minutes most of my body is numb or has pins and needles, every movement is painful and even the water moving over my skin feels heavy and by 10 mins, the fatigue sets in along with the nausea and I physically struggle to stay awake.
I have a precise routine set out on how I wash to make sure the important parts gets washed and I have to rest in between each thing and if I haven’t washed everything by the time I get to 10 mins, then it is highly unlikely that I will be able to do it without help and you can forget about doing any girly things like shaving my legs. Then at the end, I need to be lifted out of the bath, I don’t dry, the towel gets wrapped around me and I plonk down onto my pre-prepared recovery area and it can take anywhere up to 45 mins to recover from this experience before I can eve consider moving or getting dressed.
It’s not a great experience and if I was to have a bath in the morning, it is likely that I will not have enough energy to do anything for the rest of the day.
I want to change that though, or at least make it more mentally enjoyable and so I am asking you what you do to make you bath time more enjoyable, do you use specific fragrances or products, for instance, I have seen loads of posts and videos about Lush products lately and believe it or not I have never tried a bath bomb before but I really want to now, they look amazing. 
Feel free to recommend products and I will look into trying them, I’m on a budget though so as nice as it would be to try a £100 bath creme or something along those lines, it’s not gonna happen but please enlighten me in your ways of bath time enjoyment! 

Author: Chrissie

4 thoughts on “Enlighten me in your bath time enjoyment ways!

  1. I love Lush bathbombs/melts/and bubble bars. They all smell delish – leave your skin feeling lovely and soft – and they contain wonderful essential oils that can be uplifting or relaxing. The bubble bars do all this but with bubbles lol! Xx

    1. Ah! I've been looking through their website and I really want to try the Big Blue bath bomb and the Intergalactic bath bomb but I am also looking at the Milky Bath bubble bar, but then everything looks so good. I might have to ask for Lush everything at Christmas haha!

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