DangleFootNailPolish True of Heart and Cast a Spell

Today I am going to show you True of Heart and Cast a Spell from the Danglefoot Nail Polish Once Upon a Time collection.
It’s taken me a while to get these swatches done, it seemed like everytime I put these on to swatch, the sun went bye bye, it knows, I swear it knows. You have already kind of seen True of Heart because I used it for my Aquaman nails but you need to see it swatch style…

… and this is why, it’s absolutely gorgeous. It is a juicy, bright orange, jelly holo, that looks yummy in both shade and direct sunlight/artificial light. Look at that gorgeous rainbow!
The formula is perfect and pretty much what I would expect from the indie holo polishes these days. It took 3 thin coats to get it this opaque but you probably could get away with 2 as it is a jelly.

It dries to a smooth and shiny finish, although I did add one coat of Seche Vite.

True of Heart was a little stainy but that’s to be expected from such a bright orange. Gah! it’s so pretty!

This one is Cast a Spell, equally as pretty as True of Heart but much harder to capture. Cast a Spell is a gold/green toned yellow with a linear holo with a perfect formula.

It dries quickly and smoothly but not as shiny as True of Heart. It did however only take 2 coats to get it opaque and I then added a coat of Seche.
My camera really had difficulty picking up on the holo rainbow on this one, but believe me, it is there. The holo on this one shows more as golden and orange with a flash of blue than it does a full rainbow.

In the shade, it looks like a beautiful olive green rather than a yellow. No staining from this one but I can’t guarantee that it won’t stain if worn for a longer time, always wear a base coat!
Both polishes had a fantastic formula and dried really quickly and these polishes are going to be fantastic for wearing during the Autumn months. 
The Danglefoot Nail Polish Etsy store is currently taking a little break but will be back soon so keep your eyes peeled.

Author: Chrissie

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