Arcade Block August 2015

It’s still August right? No, crap, oh well, in fairness, the arcade block didn’t arrive until September anyway so it’s not that late. Lets jump straight in to this months items anyway.

Mortal Kombat X Plush: Scorpion
‘Mortal Kombat X is the biggest and best game in the series and one in which Scorpion and Sub-Zero have fulfilling closure to their ongoing saga, If you have ever wanted to hug one of these deadly ninjas, now you can!’
I love this item, it’s so adorable and deadly and Scorpion is exactly the one we would have wanted. It’s a good quality plush too, so it should be able to take all the cuddles, I mean, snuggles, I mean fights, fights! I meant fights! ‘GET OVER HERE!’ omg send help! Nooooooo!
Shirtpunch T-shirt: Counter-Strike
‘This Exclusive t-shirt from Shirtpunch combines a modern hit with the design aesthetic of a classic game box.’
This is exactly the type of thing that we hope to get in the Arcade Block. The game box art style is awesome and I love the whole ‘Notintendo’ and ‘Nokami’ thing and because it’s a Shirt Punch tee it is pretty good quality, sadly this t-shirt is destined for Jim but it’s awesome all the same.

Original Videogame Soundtrack: Scott Pilgrim VS the World
‘This release from chiptunes rockers Anamanaguchi flawlessly melds old school chip music sensibilities with modern rock sounds! Never released before on CD, this is an Exclusive Arcade Block.’
Our video game soundtrack Cds are building up quite nicely, we haven’t purchased a CD in a long time, we are pretty much digital on music now but at this rate I might have buy a CD rack and a little CD player just for these little bundles of awesomeness.

Terry Cloth Wristband
‘Things can get intense during an epic marathon gaming sessions! Keep your cool with this Exclusive terry cloth wristband!’
This was the only item that felt like a filler to me this month, that could be because I don’t know if this is supposed to be something or a reference to something, we have had sweatbands before and I haven’t had a problem with them, for instance, the Zelda sweatband from the Heroes 2 Loot Crate, I love that one. Maybe I’m just finding something to whinge about. Shhhh Chrissie, Ok Chrissie!

Boston Vault Dwellers Pennant
‘Show your fandom for the best damn team in the post-apocalyptic league with this Exclusive pennant!’
This is a great quality pennant, the colours are bright and it’s sturdy, you know, as far as pennants go. We have lived in this house for years now and we still haven’t found a good place for our NFL pennants and this reminded us of that so we might get onto that. GO Vault Dwellers GO!

RETRO Videogame Magazine
‘Packed with great features, interviews and reviews. RETRO celebrates the best new games and the classics of yesteryear with the articles by the greatest team of videogame writers in the world!’
I think this has become a thing now, that’s like 3 Blocks now we have received a RETRO mag in it. I’m not complaining, it’s a great read and a great addition to the Arcade Block each month.
I have done a little bit of a price check for these and here is what I found/estimated:
Scorpion Plush: £17.99 Forbidden Planet
Counter Strike Tee: £8 Based on Qwertee prices
Scott Pilgrim OST: £5.99 for digital download on Amazon
Sweatband: £1-£2 from anywhere
Pennant: £2.50-£5 for a decent pennant on Amazon
RETRO mag: £4,99 for Retro Gamer magazine WHSmith 
So at the lowest prices for everything, that’s about £40.47 value, so that’s just under double the amount we paid for it, which isn’t bad! 
If you would like to sign up to Arcade Block, you can do this here, it costs $19.99 a month plus shipping, it works out at around £22 a month including shipping for us in the UK.
What did you think about the August Block and how do you think it fairs against other nerdy subscriptions?

Author: Chrissie

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