Hail Hydra! Nails Inspired by Loot Crate

As soon as I saw this awesome Hydra Pin badge in the Villains 2 Loot Crate, I knew it was time to do some Hydra nails, and so here is what I ended up with for this month’s Inspired by Loot Crate nails.

The entire mani was inspired more by the backing card than the actual pin itself but that’s ok because it turned out freaking perfect, even if I do say so myself. 
You can see a bit of holo sparkling through here, that is because I used KBShimmer Stark Raven Mad for the black because I can’t resist it, It will be a sad day when it runs out.

The red is Nails Inc Luminous Red (The metallic Colgate one) and to get this effect I just blobbed on a couple of blobs of each polish all over the nail and then smooshed and smudged using a little ball of cling film/saran wrap. Thank god for peel off stuffs because it got messy.
The Hydra logo on my middle nail and thumb nail are from the hehe Super Hero 001 stamping plate which you can find on aiyoohehe.com, seriously go look, those plates are amazing and they just announced 3 more Super Hero plates (which I neeeeeeeeed) and they do the awesome Harry Potter plates that I used here, oh and the prices are great too.

Perfection comes with a price though! I was so happy that it had turned out exactly how I had imagined, that I hit my left thumb nail (above) on another nail  when the Seche was drying and took a chunk out of this one. You can see of the face of the Hydra logo it went all funky, I fixed it to the best of my ability and luckily it kind of blends in with the theme but I was gutted. I do however, love that this nail seems to have a really layered look to it, almost like the Hydra symbol is floating on like a pool of molten red and the holo towards the bottom of the symbol looks like the symbol is burning away.

I am seriously obsessed with this mani and I can’t help looking at it, it’s terrible because I am in a dilemma, I love these and want to wear them forever but I won a prize from Danglefoot Nail Polish which arrived today and contained 3 gorgeous polishes and I want to try them but I love my Hydra nails, but I want to try the new pretties but…. argh!

Inexplicably though, for the first time ever, my right hand (my dominant hand, decorated by my left hand which is my non dominant) turned out better than my left hand. Don’t mind my ridiculous hand pose for this one, Cindy knows nothing but derp and is not used to the camera so she uncontrollably derps, she can’t help it, stop judging her! 
The blending went much better on this hand, probably because I had already practiced and got the hang of it on the other hand.

I also preferred the right hand thumb, mainly because there was a good lack of chunks missing from this one.
As always I am really looking forward to seeing what inspiration is in next month’s Loot Crate, I am super excited by the theme ‘Summon’, don’t forget to go sign up here so you don’t miss out on all the awesome.

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