BPS Review: 3D Multi Gem Embellishments

I’m not normally one for large or sticky out embellishments on my nails, I rub my face a lot because of the sensations I get and it never ends well with embellishments but lately I have seen some absolutely stunning mani’s with the large multi gem embellishments and I decided to give it a go.
These gems are from Born Pretty Store, they are about 1cm in size and have 4 different faceted style gems on them. These are slightly different in colours to what is shown on the Born Pretty website, also I received 3 embellishments where as the item pages states 10 pieces. They are also currently out of stock.

My first issue in recreating pretty nail art, I had absolutely no idea how to place it. Most of the ones I had seen had all been placed at the top near the cuticles but I couldn’t get it to look right. It did look pretty good in the middle so I went with that.
Also, with how extravagant looking the gem is, I wasn’t sure if I should do a simple mani or have it all going on, but as you can see I went for a somewhat middle ground by using W7 Mosaic for a busy glittery look on 2 fingers and my thumb and then OPI Pearl Diver on the middle 2 fingers to mute it a bit.

The gem is pretty funky though. It took my a little while to get used to it, it’s quite heavy compared to what I would normally have on my nails and you can definitely tell it was there, at it’s highest point, it stands about 7mm off your nail, it might not sound like much but trust me it is. I was very wary of catching it and pulling it off because I had only stuck it on with a blog of Seche. 
It would be great for special occasions, when you want your nails to match and equally fancy dressed up look but I would definitely recommend a little blob of nail glue just to make sure that sucker stays on. This is likely to be a multi user, it’s sturdy and and with a little bit of a pry then a good clean up, you could definitely get away with using it a few more times.
If you would like to get some of the gems, you can find them here for £2.35/$3.61 and don’t forget to use my code CBAQ10 for 10% off your order!

Author: Chrissie

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