Infinity Crate: Unity

I really need to get a better title image for the Infinity Crates.
This month’s Infinity Crate theme was Unity, although I’m not entirely sure how the items fit the theme, but lets jump straight in and have a look at what we got.

Minions Zip Pull
This is about 2cm in size not including the attachment and I’m only assuming it is a zip pull (the card was swept away quickly and who knows where it lives now) because of the size and the little hook. It’s cute and Ki has recently seen the Minions movie, so it’s all about the Minions right now.

Despicable Me Minion Made Spring
The first thing Ki said when he pulled this out was that he had seen them in Poundland, he was happy with it but I’m not sure I should be or not. I guess it is a nice little extra and it’s going to get broken anyway.

Adventure Time Lanyard
Ki has just started his lanyard collection (yep, that’s how we roll) so this is a nice addition for him. It is well made and should last a while and who doesn’t love Adventure Time, seriously, who?

Suicide Squad Poster
The posters from Infinity Crate have been pretty cool so far although this month they seem to have joined the growing trend of randomly sized posters making framing them a pain. This one is still pretty cool though and I might have to laminate it so it doesn’t get damaged. Suicide Squad is pretty much on the mark because of the hype for the new movie and Ki can name most of the characters straight off the bat although he will not be watching the new movie.

Black Widow Bobble Head Funko
I’m so glad the Infinity Crates have a guaranteed Funko, it has definitely saved it this month. Especially since it is Black Widow. I knew this would be mine, Ki knew this would be mine so we brokered a deal. I have completed pretty much everything on Animal Crossing New Leaf, he has wanted an Animal Crossing game for ages, so we swapped. Was this a good deal? I’m not so sure but I now own a Black Widow Funko so I’m going to concentrate on that.

Super Mario Brothers T-shirt
Again, I’m really glad that the t-shirt is guaranteed each month, because I have been a little disappointed in this month’s crate, although Ki loved it all, but had this been one I was buying for me or Jim, it would have been a different story. I really like this t-shirt, shame it’s not in my size but luckily Ki loves it too. I did see the other t-shirt option on the card quickly before it disappeared and although there was what looked like a Justice League tee, this looked like the best one. It’s bright and bold and is a good quality tee.
Yes,  I have said this pretty much every month, but I am so glad there is a Funko and t-shirt guaranteed every month, Infinity Crates have not really wowed me yet but their price is good for what we get and I am less inclined to cancel because of these points and because Ki likes them. The September crate will be Fantasy so I’m holding out hope they do well.
If you want to sign up to Infinity Crates then you can do that here: Infinity Crates
What did you think of this month’s Infinity Crate and how do you think it fairs when compared to other subscription crates/boxes?

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