Arcade Block September 2015

We were pretty excited about the September Arcade Block because this month it was a Zelda themed box. Generally, the Arcade Block is it’s own theme, game related stuff for gamers, which is the reason we get it but it was pretty cool to have a secondary theme. So let’s have a look at what goodies we got.

EXCLUSIVE: Springz Chicken
‘We’re not supposed to go after these critters, but lets face it, we always end up spending a ridiculous amount of time chasing them around instead of questioning- and they always seem to bounce away, as if they were on some sort of spring. Well, now this fella is LITERALLY on a spring!’
Haha, this is adorable and such a fun item. He is supposed to be for the car dashboard but we don’t have a car so this will be a house chicken, I’m fairly certain he won’t have a problem with that. He is made of plastic with a bouncy metal spring, altogether a pretty sturdy item and comes with a sticky pad on the bottom to stick him wherever you want, although I don’t think the sticky pad is re-usable.

EXCLUSIVE: Galak-Z 7″ Record
‘Galak-Z is a game we can’t stop playing and part of the reason is the amazing soundtrack. We’ve pressed two of the tracks to this EXCLUSIVE highly-collectible record. Don’t have a record player? We’ve included a sweet deal on turntables in this very block from our friends at Crosley.’
Our record collection is very minimal, currently we own an OG Ghostbusters and OG Star Wars records, oh and we don’t have a record player either so none of them get played but that makes it all easier to keep them in excellent condition.

EXCLUSIVE: The Hero’s Shield Key Chain
‘A shield is an important thing to have throughout your adventuring. It can help fend off enemy attacks, deflect arrows and also keep your keys in one place. Cheat code time: if you remove the key ring, this is also a fashionable pendant for your favourite necklace.’
This key chain is badass! Also, with regards to the suggestion of making it into a necklace, I DO THAT! About 50% of my necklace collection started out as keyrings, because sometimes when you want a mahoosive Superman necklace, that’s how you have to roll. The shield isn’t huge, it’s somewhere in between 1 and 2 inches from top to bottom point (I’m too lazy to get up and get it to measure it precisely) it’s not that heavy, the back of it is smooth and shiny and has a tiny TF engraved on the back (I have no idea what that is in reference to but we have decided it means Tri-Force) and the design on the front is all 3d and stuff. Keys would just scuff this baby up so it’s either staying in the box or becoming a necklace if I have my way.

5″ Boo Plush
‘Everyone needs a snuggle buddy- even bad guys. Won’t you be a snuggle buddy for a Mushroom Kingdom villain? Maybe all they ever wanted was some affection and are terribly misunderstood. We asked if this was the case but they’re not much for talking’
Yay! We got Boo! Ok so the Goomba is pretty cool looking too but Boo is Boo! This is a fab little plushie and it’s made really well. Although he currently has a place on our mantle, I kind of wish we had a hook to hang him on, he has a little hanging loop on his head and I might put it to work so he can float and be ghosty again. 

EXCLUSIVE: The Hero’s Triumph Canvas
‘The hero’s journey is a tale we’re all familiar with, punctuated by important milestones. One such milestone is depicted on this canvas print featuring artwork by world renowned artist Russ Moore.’
Gah! I love this and how awesome is it to have a canvas, it’s a nice deviation from the posters that normally come in subscription boxes and crates. The picture is beautiful and vibrant (mine is still in the wrapper in this photo) and it would look amazing on any nerd, geek or gamer’s wall. This is the 2nd piece we have gotten from Russ Moore in Arcade Block. In June we received a Metroid print titled Hunter of Zebes (I didn’t post the June Block on the blog) and though we are still searching for the perfect frame for that one, they will live together from now on. You can check out more of Russ Moore’s art here

EXCLUSIVE: Wind Waker T-shirt
‘With this exclusive Shirt Punch t-shirt you’re ready for adventuring on the high seas!’
This t-shirt is lush and I love the bright blue shirt. The design is quite large and very crisp with vibrant colours and the sizing is pretty spot on. Another great tee from Shirt Punch.
Out of the 6 items in this month’s block, 5 of them are exclusives and all 6 of them are awesome and fantastic quality.
Pricing things up when most of them are exclusives can be difficult but for the Russ Moore Hero’s Triumph, a print on card stock would cost $40 (£26 ish) from his Big Cartel shop and the Super Mario plushies including Boo are around £10 each so those two items together already made the block worthwhile. 
This month’s block, in my opinion, was a good one, good job Nerd Block, good job! What did you think of this month’s block? You can sign up here if interested, it’s $19.99 a month +postage and packaging, it works out that the total price we pay (UK) including p+p is about £22.13, I think that includes a bank charge for overseas transactions. Oh and did you know they now do a Scifi Block too! If we weren’t already at our limit for monthly subs, I would have signed up to the Scifi block in an instant.

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