Polished By Leanne Autumn Collection Swatches

Today I am going to be showing you the absolutely gorgeous Autumn Collection from Polished By Leanne. After returning from her nuptials (CONGRATULATIONS!!!) Leanne has had a bit of a relaunch with new labels and new collections. The new labels look great and her first new collection, the Halloween collection sold out super quick in less than a few hours and I wouldn’t be surprised if this collection goes the same way.
The Autumn Collection consists of 4 gorgeously autumnal polishes that look great in sunlight, the shade or under artificial light. Each photo shows 2 coats with no topcoat and the entire post is pretty picture heavy.

Acres of Gold

Acres of Gold is a buttery, yellow toned gold with a subtle holographic shimmer. It applied smoothly with an excellent formula and was touch dry in under 2 minutes. As you can see, the finish is smooth and shiny.

These top 2 photos show it in the natural, dinge of this rainy British afternoon and you can just barely see the shimmer…

…and in the absence of sunlight, here it is under a white light bulb. That shimmer really starts to come through.

Acres of Gold was the only one of the collection that really needed the two coats, although the colour is really pigmented, there was quite a visible nail line after the first coat, someone with nubbins would probably be able to get away with one coat though.

Fall-ing For You

Fall-ing For You is a bright and vibrant cherry red with a holographic red/gold shimmer that is visible in any light, ok so it doesn’t go sparkle mad in the shade like it does in sun/artificial light but it does give an awesome depth to the polish.

You could definitely get away with this polish being a one coater. The formula is not as thick as Acres of Gold but it applied beautifully, dried quickly and still had a fantastic shine to it.

This shade of red is a fab bright polish for the Autumn months but that shimmer makes it a perfect Christmas shade too, doesn’t it remind you of a Christmas bauble or some tinsel sparkling away?

The perfect polish to add a pop to autumnal layers or to give a little extra pizazz to that party dress.

Tavern on the Green

Tavern on the Green is an immense beetle green with a a holographic shimmer and a very subtle gold shift.

 It was a nicely thin formula like Fall-ing For You and just like the others, it applied beautifully, dried speedily and had a perfectly shiny finish.

It could also get away with one thick coat. Tavern on the Green is another polish that could easily transition into the Christmas polishes as well. The green to gold shift reminds me of trees in the Autumn months but when I out it under the white light…

…it definitely reminded me of a Christmas tree. The holographic shimmer makes it look like the multicolour twinkles lights or fibre optics on a tree and it is absolutely stunning.

Autumn Leaves

Autumn Leaves is definitely my favourite of the collection, even if it was an absolute pain in the ass to capture exactly why I love it. In the bottle, Autumn Leaves looks like a gorgeous and very autumnal brown with gold shift and gold shimmer. 

Turns out it’s not, well, not really, it kind of is, but it kind of isn’t. It is a multi shifter, if that is even what it is called. When you apply the first coat, it is purple! A deep grape purple to be exact, but then you put on the second coat and it looks brown with a gold shimmer and a very, very, very, subtle gold shift.

But then you put it under the artificial light and it is brown and purple and gold with a gold and copper shimmer. Still struggling to see the purple? Yeah, that’s because it was such a pain in the ass.

How about now? No? There are a few tiny patches of purple in this photo, namely on the thumb and index finger. Yeah you can see it now, can’t you? You could technically get away with this being a one coater if you wanted the purple side, it would have to be a thick coat  though and that would lead you right back to the brown. it does dry quickly though and applied buttery smooth like the rest, with an awesome shine at the end.

This collection is bound to sell out fast, the colours are vibrant and the formula’s are perfect, they will be £3.50 for a 10ml polish plus postage, the release date for the collection is still tbc but I know Leanne is keen to get these up pretty soon, possibly this week, so keep an eye on her Instagram page so you don’t miss out.
Sadly, Leanne has just announced while I have been writing this post that she has had to close her Etsy shop and will be ceasing her polish making and so this collection will be one of 3 final collections being sold, so make sure you don’t miss out, follow Leanne on Instagram now.

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