Born Pretty Store 6 Piece Dotting/Water Marbling Tool

This tool from Born Pretty Store looked good to me because it was basically called a water marble tool, which to me said that if I had this tool, it would improve my water marble skills. There are hundreds, maybe even thousands of variations of the standard dotting tool sets but these one is more of a streamlined version.

Both ends screw off and 6 other attachments slide out, each one a different size, ranging from very thin and pointy to large and round. The thin and pointy one is the one that I have used today, it is perfect for creating patterns in water marbles and should help achieve that perfect marbled nail art, I hope!
I already had KBShimmer PT Young Thing on my nails so I chose 2 polishes to water marble with that would look fab over it, Barry M Sparkling Amethyst was just sparkling away at me from the corner of my desk, so I chose that and a clear polish from Poundland, then I went to work with the tool. Yeah this is about the extent of my drag skills, I always try to drag it like all those videos I have watch on YouTube and Instagram but it never goes quite right. It’s still pretty though, look at the sparkles and ignore the state of my jar, it hasn’t being treated well, I’m so ashamed.

I’m back to nubbins again, I love long nails but sometimes they make things difficult, like opening yoghurts or not scratching chunks out of my face, so it is nice to come back to nubbins every now and then. Luckily it’s less of a canvas to have to get a decent swirl on. Unluckily, I forgot to apply the peel off on my fingers and only realised the moment I pulled my fingers out after the dip, so yeah, it was fun trying to get that purple off almost the entire length of every finger. o_0 
The tool works great though, my marbling skills still leave a lot to be desired but it did make the dragging process a little easier. I did find that if you have the other attachments stored inside at the time of marbling, it does make the tool very unbalanced as the attachments move around inside, so I would recommend taking those out. Other than that, it’s great, the grips on it make it easier to hold, it’s not too heavy and because it is metal it’s very easy to clean.

Sadly it didn’t improve my dipping and dipping hand positioning, but I think this marble is still one of my best! It could be because these two polishes are stunning in every way shape or form, but I’d like to think I have improved slightly.
You can get this tool here for £2.54/$3.89 and get 10% off your Born Pretty Store shopping spree with my code CBAQ10, it’s free postage and Christmas is only 58 days away so treat yourself. 

Author: Chrissie

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