I’ve Been Slimed!!! Ghostbusters Ectoplasm Nails

I’ve been pretty slack on the Halloween nails this year most years, but I really wanted to do something fun like this just so I could use the little Ghostbuster logo on the MyOnlineShop MJXLII stamping plate. Yes, that plate is amazing.
I started with a base Barry M Cotton, then I stamped using Freckles Polish Pogo Stick and Bundle Monster plates BM-509 (waves image) and BM-610 (splat/spray image) and the Ghostbusters logo was stamped using Polished By Leanne Fall-ing for You so that has a bit of sparkle too.

The lighting is weird today and capturing just how awesome this looks was a lot more difficult than I thought it would be, the holo sparkles even though it has been stamped, which you can kind of see on the index finger in this close up photo but this is definitely a case of photos not doing a mani justice. 
Until of course…

…the best photo of this mani I could ever possibly take. Freckles Polish Pogo Stick is THE perfect ectoplasm polish because it is bright green and sparkly in daylight but it is also UV reactive, and has this amazing glow when the UV torch hits it. 
Wait, that’s no ectoplasm, that’s nerdgasm! Well, it might as well be. Ok, that joke was both lame and disgusting but I in no way apologise for it!
I’m actually thinking of wearing this for a while but also possibly putting the same design on my toes too because then it was last forever. Or at least for a long time, maybe a couple of weeks, I don’t know, longer than my mani anyway. 
Halloween is 2 days away, have you got anything planned? Me and Ki will be watching fun Halloween movies over the next few days, I plan to introduce him to Death Becomes Her, I want to introduce him to High Spirits but I think maybe he is still too young for it, even if I had already watched it like a hundred times by his age, I think there is just too much tuppin’!
When there’s something strange, in your neighbourhood, who ya gonna call…..

Author: Chrissie

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