Dumbledore’s Army hehe 034 Stamping Plate from LadyQueen.com

Today I have another fun Harry Potter themed stamping plate, this plate is hehe 034 from LadyQueen. LadyQueen is a website which is very similar to Born Pretty Store, they have a large selection of products including a fab selection of nail products.

This nail art is loosely based on a Dumbledore’s Army bag that I saw online, it comes in two colours, Khaki and Black. I wanted to do it based on the khaki one but I don’t own a single green that is even close to khaki, or I at least couldn’t find one this morning, so I used the amazing A-England Ascalon as the base.

I stamped using Konad white and the images picked up quite well although there were some patches in the design but overall the plate is pretty good quality. I will mention that I don’t think this is an official Aiyoohehe plate as there is no card backing, it is just bare metal and there do seem to be a few small discrepancies in the images.
I tried a double stamp on the thumb with the Griffin image in red and yellow, then I stamped over that with the white D.A image. It didn’t really come out as I planned, it was supposed to look kind of phoenix like and it was supposed to really stand out under the D.A, it still looks kinda cool though.

You can buy this plate here for £1.92/$2.99 and if you use my code LGGT15 to get 15% off your order amount. Now remember, this may take 4-6 weeks to arrive depending on where in the world you are but it is free shipping which is a bonus.

Author: Chrissie

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