Infinity Crate: Plague

The October Infinity Crates theme was Plague, think zombies, infections, undead, that sort of thing and this months crate wasn’t really that bad tbh.

Deadpool t-shirt
There were 4 tees this month, one of them looked like it could be a face hugger climbing out of an Infinity Crate which was kind of cool. We got a Deadpool tee and Deadpool is awesome so, spot on. The tee quality is good, the print quality is good and the sizing was perfect. One pet peeve is that I am not a fan of white t-shirts but that is just a personal preference.

Game of Thrones Wight Funko POP!
These are always good, there is never a question on the Funko’s, well, apart from if I need to pinch it. Ki has no idea about anything Game of Thrones, which I am super glad of so we just told him this was a snow zombie, which he believed and thought was awesome! 

Infinity Crate promo poster
This is the one item in the crate that I just fell meh about. This isn’t really even a poster Ki can put up in his room, it is just basically a promo poster for Infinity Crates. It seems very much like something you would have in a shop to advertise the crate. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a well made poster but just not something that Ki wants. It wasn’t featured on the little card that comes in the box showing the items so I don’t think it was classed as a main item.

Gears of War and Umbrella Corp stickers
These are cool. I’m pretty sure they are that good quality printed vinyl, or at least they seem like it. We still need to find somewhere cool to stick them but yeah, these are good.

AMC Walking Dead Keyring
Walking Dead everything! This is one of those rubberised/rubbery/rubber keyrings where the writing seems raised. Ki has only just started using a wallet properly and so all the keyrings are getting stuck on there, do you remember having the biggest bunch of keyrings when you were a kid? Anyway, he loves this.

Zombie Apocalypse Journal Notebook
This was the item he was most excited about when he saw it. It a plain page a5 notebook and he has hundreds of notebooks but he was really happy to have received this. 
All in all this month’s crate was pretty good and they seem to be getting better each month and as I always say, for the £16.99 we pay, the guaranteed Funko and t-shirt alone are worth it. The November theme is Warrior which sounds like it could be cool. 
You can sign up here if you are interested, sadly it is no longer free postage for new sign ups but they do have 4 different types of crate now ranging in price from £7.99 +p&p up to £23.99 + p&p. The crate we get is what is now known as the Classic Crate.
What did you think of this month’s Plague Crate?

Author: Chrissie

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