Autumnal Leaves Mani with LadyQueen Water Decals

I did it! I managed to actually do an Autumnal mani, with the help of these LadyQueen autumn leaf water decals. There are around 75 individual decals on this sheet, with different colours and different sizes of leaves and one large decal (top left) with multiple leaves in it. 

Each leaf is individually cut so that when you are applying it to the nail, there isn’t a load of pesky extra decal bits and it means that you can easily place and stack the decals to build your nail art.

Once dipped in the water, I did find it a bit of a pain to get the decal off the backing, they really were a pain to budge without smooshing it up or ripping it, so I recommend leaving it in the water for a little longer than recommended on the packaging. 
They clung to the nail well once positioned and when I applied the topcoat, there was no lifting, curling of colour bleed. Speaking of the colours, they are vibrant and stand out nicely against a white base. Clean up was easy and any excess decal removed with a brush dipped in acetone remover.
You can find this decal sheet here for £1.13/$1.76 and don’t forget to use code LGGT15 for 15% off your order.
Did you notice that I also managed to do a semi decent gradient? Polishes used for the gradient are Danglefoot Nail Polish Cast a Spell, Danglefoot Nail Polish True of Heart and Freckles Polish He’s Been! He’s Been!. Doesn’t the gradient remind you of the old school Rosy Apple sweets/lollipops, omnomnom.

Author: Chrissie

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