Barry M Glitter Gelly Swatches

Look at me, being productive again, wooo. I decided that there was no better way to do something than with glitter, so here are swatches for the Barry M Glitter Gelly polishes. These have been out a little while now and I have had them basically since release.
 I was ecstatic to see glitter polishes come to the Gelly range but a tad disappointed that there were only two shades, hopefully in the future more of these are released.
The glitter in them is a fine glitter so not only does it look fab and give the polish a beautiful layered depth to it but it means they are easy to apply, easy to remove and still have the high shine that the Gelly cremes have. They also have the wide, rounded brushes that we saw in the Speedy nail paints which makes it even easier to get neatly up to the cuticle but not on it and cover the nail in less brush strokes.
Sparkling Ruby
Sparkling Ruby is a ruby red with gold glitter flecks.
It is a perfect Christmassy polish and in some lighting I have noticed and orange shift which makes it look like embers.

In the shade it looks like a deep wine red and you can still see the glitter.
Sparkling Amethyst

Sparkling Amethyst is a deep, dark purple with blue and purpley pink glitter flecks.
This one is my favourite of the two and has an incredibly beautiful depth to it.

In the shade it maintains it’s dark purple shade and the glitter looks more pink than anything.
All photos are two coats of each with no topcoat, yes, that is the shine of the polish alone. The formula on these polishes are pretty great, as I mentioned before, the glitter isn’t the ‘use all your spoons scrubbing it off’ type of glitter, meaning if you want a quick and easy bit of sparkle these are definitely my recommended go to (aside from holo obvs) and just like previous Gelly polishes, the dry quickly too.
Both polishes are slight stainers, more so the purple, so make sure to use a good base coat with them and be wary that they are a bit of a pain to clean up from around cuticles if you twitch and flood them as I often do.
These are available exclusively to Superdrug and are £3.99 each, so if you are looking for a bit of sparkle for the holiday season grab them now, especially since they are currently on the 3for2 offer.
Is it too early to put Christmas decs up? I am getting in the spirit already. Are you?

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