Danglefoot Nail Polish Star Wars Collection

At the moment I’m not sure which one I am more excited for, Star Wars of Christmas, Star Wars or Christmas, Star Wars or Christmas? It’s probably just over the edge Star Wars, just because I know that it’s closer than Christmas, plus all the awesome merch. One of the best things about such epicness, nail polish collections. When Hayley of Danglefoot Nail Polish asked me to swatch her upcoming Star Wars Collection, my tiny nerd self squeed. This is a pretty hefty photo filled post, just be warned.

Especially when I saw all the sneak peeks of the polishes and extras, it was all perfectly adorkable! The entire collection consists of 4 polishes (with awesome names), the Jedi Mind Trick liquid latex, a lush handmade clay button from Pamcrafted and some ‘so cute I might die’ water decals from AccioLoveCrafts. Yeah, you know you want it all already, don’t you?
Here is a better look at the water decals…
… and a better look at the button. Hayley sent me the Chewbacca one and I absolutely love this little guy. I had no idea what I was going to sew it onto, until I decided that I wanted a new animal hood that is Chewie coloured.
Lets have a look at the polishes then, just to completely cement the fact that you need this collection in your life. The daylight has been less than great, so for these swatches I had to take photos under the white light lamp which did make it pretty tough to capture their sparkle but we got there.
All photos show 2 coats with one coat of Seche Vite.
Use The Force Luke
Use the Force Luke is a light grey scattered holo with a stunning flash of blue. 
This applied lovely, dried quickly and had kind of a chalky finish to it. 
I added 2 of the water decals for the accent nail. They took about 20-30 seconds in the water to slide off, then they clung nicely to the nail and did not lift or shrivel when Seche was applied. One thing to note is that you do need to cut quite close to the decal otherwise you will definitely have some issues with the excess.
Tatooine Sunset
Tatooine Sunset is a pale pinky brown linear holo.
It applied beautifully and dried quickly to a smooth, semi matte finish. 
The nail art here was inspired by Chalkboard Nails Tatooine mani.
I’d Just as Soon Kiss a Wookie
I’d Just as Soon Kiss a Wookie is a red jelly base with silver flakes which look red and pink in the polish.
This was my favourite of the polishes, if I was forced to choose one. The formula was slightly thicker but easy to apply, still dried quickly and dried to a smooth finish.
It is very possible this polish would be a little stainy so make sure to use a good bacsecoat and try not to flood cuticles.
Accent nail is inspired by my Chewbacca nails, using brown flock and KBShimmer PT Young Thing for the belt, this is also my favourite overall look.
The Dark Side
The Dark Side is an inky indigo black with scattered holo and silver shimmer.
This polish applied beautifully, dried quickly and to a smooth, semi matte finish. 
It was really difficult to capture just how stunning this polish is. As you can see above, it isn’t quite black and you can see the blurple pop in certain lighting (not the ring finger). With the holo and shimmer, it gives the polish the illusion of a galaxy. I could stare at this all day. And yeah, that’s supposed to be a shiny,, sparkly Death Star but it went a bit weird.
Next up I want to show you, to the best of my ability, the Jedi Mind Trick liquid latex. 
This stuff is fab, it applies white and dries clear and it is packed fuller of a silver shimmer. It is full of glitter guys! GLITTAH! 
It was so pretty I could have quite happily just stayed with my fingers like this, except that they kept sticking together which was in no way practical for a day to day look, but look at it. Oh, and the brush in it is great, it’s the right width to cover a good sized finger area quickly and without getting it onto the nail. I would highly recommend this if you are looking for a good peel off tape.
Of course I had to properly test it, so I used the other 3 polishes from the collection to do a full galaxy mani, I dabbed some around the liquid latex too on purpose, don’t worry, I’m not that messy, most of the time.
Then I started the peel and it all came off in one fell swoop, perfect! That’s never really happened to me before, I’d heard of it and dreamt of it, but just never experienced it, it was so satisfying.
This was the finished galaxy nail art, I didn’t blend it very well but I love the colours of these polishes so much and the names.
This collection will be launching some time in the next week, possibly Saturday, keep your eyes peeled and your monies in the bank ready. This is the 7ml collection which will cost £16 and there will be a 12ml collection which will be £25. The button will likely vary between Chewie, Vader or a Death Star but they are all equally as adorable.
Keep an eye on the Danglefoot Nail Polish Etsy Store and Instagram to make sure you don’t miss the release. 

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